Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

User agreement 

Welcome to mileandmile.com, our site of maintained and operated by the Bien Info tech Pvt. Ltd.

The document in front of you is an electronic record in accordance with the information technology act of 2000
This agreement contains the rules and regulation, policies, and terms and condition of the engagement with the mileandmile. The rules and regulations mentioned here are applicable to all person who may access or use the site of the company, for buying, you hereby agree and acknowledge to be bound by the terms and conditions that are mentioned here.

The user of the website of the mileandmile for purchase of goods and products displayed there are subject to the rules and conditions mentioned in this agreement. For the purpose of the compliance with this agreement, the term “User’ has been mentioned several times in the agreement. The words you or your shall mean any person who is engaged in the buying of the goods and products displayed on the website of the company miles and mile, or is browsing the website or has become the member of the mileandmile by submitting identification details with the website of the mileandmile and has accepted the terms and condition of the company as mentioned here in this agreement. 

We reserve the right to change the website or alter the terms and conditions-

Mileandmile private limited , henceforth referred to as company , reserves the right to change the website , or terms and conditions of the user agreement anytime without the need for prior information and also can deny the access to anyone , who companies believes has violated the terms and conditions of the company .any change or amendment to the user agreement , will be notified on the website of the company and publicly accessible  links and user agrees to these changes by browsing , or using the website of the company . The changes will be effective from the time the company posts the same on the website. For any substantial change the company will provide 30 day prior notification by posting on site.

Account and registration obligations –

Any information that a client provides to us in registration process, feedback section, in buying or listing process or through email features, becomes ‘your information ‘and your information is protected as per our privacy policy .

Communications –

When a user is using our site; the user is in touch with us and agrees that all communication between the company and user shall be through electronic means only.

Payment information – 

By ordering the products through our website, the user agrees to provide accurate information on credit card, debit card to the approved payment gateway or any prepaid payment method for smooth buying experience.

You agree and confirm:-

In case of any  non delivery of the products/ items , due to wrong information submitted by the user , the extra cost incurred by the mileandmile shall be claimed from the user .

Governing law and jurisdiction –

Any dispute between user and the company shall be subjected to the Indian law or laws applicable under the jurisdiction of Delhi state or India.