Return Policy

Return Policy

WE at mileandmile strive to provide the best shopping experience to our customers for Indian and aboard.  We have the finest selection procedures, which ensure that only the best products are selected for sale and purchase on our online site. But still there are some factors or circumstances, such as transport abrasions, which can damage the product, and customers may want to return the same.  

Since we offer best services to our customers, we have a cancellation and return policy to accept back product or products, customers do not like or find in imperfect conditions. Below we have listed our terms and conditions which customers can refer to, for smooth shopping experience with us. Our clients can reach to us within 48 hours of receiving the product for any compliant regarding the manufacturing defect, damaged product or any other related issues.

Our return policy:-

We offer return and replacement of the products that customers want to return. However, there are certain products that are not in the returnable list. These products are listed in our frequently asked questions sections. The customers should refer to the list of such products in the question asked in our FAQ section. We also take back the items which have manufacturer defect or are not the products which you had ordered.

1. The customers only have to keep the tag, bills or packaging with the products to return the products to us. The product/ products should not be used in any condition.

2. The price of the products is also refunded to the client with a stipulated time and confirmation of the same will also be sent to the customers via e mail.

3. The shipping charge on the return of the product /products is also refunded. And 

Time frame for the return products: -

The refund is processed within 7 days from the date the products clears our quality check at our warehouse. The refund of the money is also subjected to the time taken in the process by the banks after the refund by us.

Who will pick up the refunded products?

The logistic partner of the company will reach customer home or point of contact to take back the product /products within 3 days of receiving the refunded request. 

Exchange policy 

We offer exchange policy to the products with us or available in our stock. And the products which are offered during the promotions or offer schemes are also exchanged for the same size. Unlike many other website, we do not forfeit shipping or COD charges. 

Refund in case of an error by the mileandmile -

We will immediately acknowledge the error and take back the product / products and will give options to the customers to either exchange the product, take money back or place an order for new products. All confirmations regarding the refunded or return will be sent via emails.