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Uppada Silk Sarees

Uppada Silk Sarees

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Uppada saree is a silk saree woven style that is created in the uppada of the east Godavari district of the Andhra Pradesh state of the India. The uppada saree is known for their light weight sarees. The entire saree woven art is the traditional art which is done by hands by the experienced and skilled artists. The entire process takes at couple of weeks, because the entire work is done by hands. The weaving involves laying the design of the saree, interweaving silk threads, and looming. The art is confined to the only one district of the country. It is said that this art is 3 centuries old and originated in the Bangladesh and then came to the uppada district of the state, when artist came and settled in the district.

Uppada is one of the traditional textiles designing art of the India. It is part of the tradition in the southern part of the country and gets its name after the district in which it is practiced. The mileandmile has been successfully bringing the dress material and sarees from the traditional hubs of the country to the world wide audience at the affordable rates.

The saree is a most beautiful and sensuous dress for a lady. It is gaining popularity in the out of the country as well, as Indian prefers the tradition sarees from the India, in functions abroad. It has elegance and grace, and it is mesmerizing both fashion designers and designers in many part of the world.

Origin of the uppada sarees

Uppada sarees is a silk sari that is woven in the uppada district in the east Godavari in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is registered as one of the geographical indication from the state by the geographical indication acts 1999. The sari is completely woven by the skilled artists, who use hands and take a lot of time on the completion of one saree. The mileandmile insists on the handcrafted products from the traditional sources.  When a customer buys a saree from the mileandmile, it is certainty that the products are genuine and is totally handcrafted. The uppada is a village, which is close to the port city Kakinada on the eastern coast of the India. It is a small village with population only in thousands and is devoid of any modern infrastructure.

The uppada sarees are known for their unique designs. The people there have no machines and equipment to make the saree, they only use the traditional methods and every saree is completed by hand. The old weaving methods, called, jamdani, is used to produce these sarees .the jamdani is a hand woven fabric made of cotton, known as muslin.  The uppada sarees have unique embroidery work on their borders and come in various colors and color shades .  Sometimes it takes at least two months, to complete one saree. The uppada sarees are very light and have luminous look, which makes them one of the most expensive silk sarees in the country.

The coloring process is completed by dipping the yarn in the desired color. The color is mixed properly and evenly to get the unique and durable colors to the fabric. After this process, the yarn is washed and dried. The fabric is starched to get the more permanent color. The starching process also makes fabric luminous and polished. The weavers then take the yarn and put it on the charka to make thread. In the next step, the yarn is loaded on the looms to make sarees. Generally two weavers work on the single loom to delicately design the sarees. They also complete the embroidery work by hand with the golden thread. Since the entire process is completed by the hands, it takes time before an uppada saree is completed. The high cost of the uppada sarees also stems from the fact that the art is rare and is completed by hands only.

The reasons why these uppada sarees are famous are in their light weight, softness, comfort, and elegance that they bring to the wear. The added fact is that the uppada sarees can be used in all weather condition. They are the perfect for the humid and hot climate of the south India.

The uppada silk saree is used for weddings, festivals, and special occasions. the saree are lightweight , which means that they can be used for social gathering and parties easily. They do not take time to wear and are used throughout the year for both formal and semi formal occasions.

The ladies and girls do not have to travel to the remote part of the south Indian state to buy the best uppada sarees and uppada silk sarees. The vast collection in varied colors at the affordable prices is available at the online site of the mileandmile. One can see the collection in various attractive colors and design and order the preferred product or products. The uppada silk sarees will be delivered within 3 days.  The sarees are delivered in the best quality packaging to preserve their texture and prevent the ingress of moisture and dust etc.

The company has the policy that only the handcrafted products from bandhani and uppada silk sarees are displayed on the online site. The best collection is available on the online platform of the mileandmile. The company sources the products directly from the traditional artists of the region. They buy the bulk quantity and make sure that the products selected for the online platform are handcrafted. The customer can buy some of the best uppada sarees from the online site at the cheapest prices.

The company is catering to the world wide demand which is growing day by day. The popularity of the uppada silk sarees can be measured from the fact that some collection is kept in the famous Victoria and Albert museum in London. The wearing of the uppada silk saree adds volumes to the beauty, grace and sensuousness of the lady.  The online site is the only place for cost effective buying of the famous and authentic uppada sarees.