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Hand Printed Leheriya

Hand Printed Leheriya

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The leheriya is a pattern which is used in the bandhani textile decorative art. It is in the shape of waves, hence, the name, leheriya, which means waves in the English language. The word, leheriya is a Hindi word, meaning wave or wave’s pattern. The pattern is produced during the tying and dying process of the bandhani art. This type of pattern is predominately used in the part of the Rajasthan. This is typical Rajasthan bandhani art. The pattern is not only produced on the saree but also on the turban, dupatta, stole, etc by the artists who are in the profession for generations. The pattern can be in bright colors and shades. The wooden block with same pattern covered with the color or ink is embossed on the fabric to create the leheriya pattern.

Leheriya saree and leheriya dupatta is part of the bandhani tradition of the Rajasthan state of India. The bandhai tradition is still part of the traditional textile decoration of the India. It is one of the finest textiles decorating art of the country. The art is today widely practiced in Gujarat and Rajasthan in western part of the country.  The basic style of the creation of the bandhani fabric is same. The fabric is first selected and then sorted for creating knots. The knots are created by the fingerprints by ladies and tied with threads that do not absorb the colors. The fabric with knots is then dipped into colors. The fabric is then taken out and knots are untied slowly. The results are shades of colors, different variation in colors in fabric and creation of various designs and patterns. The only aim behind the bandhani tradition is to produce a fabric that has vibrant colors, shades of different colors and patterns. The attractive and appealing designs and patterns are created by the tying and dying method of the bandhani.

Every district and region of the Rajasthan and Gujarat have distinct styles and patterns. The designs and patterns of the bandhani are made by creating different shapes of the dots and numbers of the dots. The grouping of dots leads to different patterns and designs. The famous designs are three dots, seven dots, single dots or dot in the form of a tear. The dots are generally created throughout the length of the fabric, used in the bandhani tradition. The patterns and designs are produced in the way of the tying and dying process of the fabric. The whole work is done by hands and no part is completed by the machines. The completion of the bandhani work requires patience and precision. The online site of the company mileandmile makes sure that only the handcrafted products are selected for the sale through online platform.

Leheriya design and pattern is a Rajasthan legacy -

Leheriya is a Hindi word, meaning waves; the waves like patterns are created on the bandhani fabric by the specially tying and dying method. This wave like pattern is created for sarees, stoles or duppatas and turbans for men. The leheriya products are available in vibrant colors from green to blue to red and maroon with varying shades and variations in color. There are some communities in the Rajasthan, who still use the bandhani fabric for dress material or turbans in specific patterns, which represent their identity.

The leheriya saree are the favorite of girls and young ladies in urban centers, as it is in the regions that produce them. Each color has its own meaning in the bandhani tradition. The red shows a newly married lady, while yellow depicts a newly blessed mother. It is believed that bandhani sarees bring good luck to the lady.  The waves like features in the bandhani saree give a stunning look to a lady. The dupatta with the wave like pattern can be used with the leheriya dress material or any other dress material. The choice of colors depends on the preference of the lady and the color of the dress material.

The leheriya is produced in several parts of the Rajasthan. The cities like jaipur, sikar, bhilwara, Udaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, are some of the well known centers of the bandhani art in the state.

The demand for bandhani sarees, dupattas or stoles has increased in recent years from different parts of the country. The use of cotton and silk material ensures that one can use the bandhani sarees and dress material, even during the summer months or for special occasions. The bandhani sarees with the leheriya pattern is equally famous with working ladies, as it is with the young housewives and girls. The vibrancy of its colors and designs and comfort of the cotton ensures that demand is high in the summer months.

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