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Embroidery Sarees

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Online site mileandmile is successfully bringing the best sarees of the India to the global clientele at the best prices. The company has been striving to project an image of the country which is confined to the small client base in the country. The company is bringing the traditional saree creation art of the country to the world audience through the use of online site. The best and world famous sarees of the country handcrafted by the local artists through traditional means are available on the site at the affordable prices.              

These traditional sarees are created through the hand operated looms and fine embroidery work is done by the experts by hands without use of machines. Each saree takes a lot of time and only a region known for that saree can created such a saree. The company has direct sourcing from the traditional hubs of the country. This helps company eliminate the middleman and also lower the price of the sarees to help clients from young ladies and housewives to buy the expensive sarees at cheap prices.

The embroidery sarees are the ultimate choice of dress for ladies for festive occasions and weddings. The work is often intricate and each embroidery work reflects the popular regional art and patterns. Various parts of the country are famous for different embroidery work and this difference is reflected in the types of embroidery sarees that are created in the country.

The traditional embroidery sarees are designed to project the traditional handcrafted art of the country. The embroidery work is created by using golden or silver color thread. The design is created on the saree and then fine embroidery work is created on the design. After the completion of the embroidery work the saree is washed to remove the design work embossed by the wooden block. In some embroidery work, the stones are also used to give the shining embroidery work.

Generally all types of sarees are used for the embroidery work. The silk, georgette work, chiffon, cotton, pure cotton silk saree and pure silk sarees are also used for creating the mesmerizing embroidery work.

Some famous embroidery work in the India which are available on the online site –

CHIKANKARI – it is the embroidery work from the city of nawabs, the luckhow, and the capital of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is an intricate and delicate style that is done by the expert artists who work with the hands only. It is considered the style of the medieval India, and was, believed, to be introduced by the famous conscious, nur jehan, wife of the Indian ruler Jahangir. This craft begin as white embroidery on the white dress material, but today it is used in various styles and colors on the sarees. The embroidery work is completed on the designs that are embossed on the sarees by the wooden blocks. The wooden blocks are covered with the colors and then the artists stitches the design patterns completed. The saree is washed to remove the printed design. This is one of the famous embroidery works from the India.


One of the famous things that come from the Indian state of Punjab, the phulkari is the embroidery of flowers motif on the sarees.  The work is generally finished by the ladies of the Punjab, unlike other states where the work is completed by the men. The interesting thing about this type of embroidery is that it is done on the reverse side of saree. The design takes place on the front of the saree or the dress material. The embroidery work is bright work on the lighter colored saree and this makes it a unique embroidery work.


This style is embroidery style of the eastern states of Bengal and Orissa. The embroidery work is known for its simplicity   the dominate patterns in this embroidery style are animals, motifs, birds and other every day activities of the people of the region. The embroidery work is created at the edges of the sarees. The thread used in the embroidery work is often taken from the saree itself.


This is also an embroidery work that flourished under the mughal in the medieval period in the country. It originally came to India from Persia. The work used golden, silver threads with precious stones and pearls. These days the embroidery work in this category is created by use of golden or silver threads in combination with copper wires. The embroidery work is one of the favorite of the bride in the country.


From the land of desert in the western Indian state of the Rajasthan , the patch work , as the name suggests , is  basically stitching together the small clothe pieces in decorative pattern , which is stitched on the cloth underneath the embroidery .


This is a famous piece of embroidery from the north Indian state of Kashmir, which is a valley in the Jammu and Kashmir.  The embroidery is full of the floral of the states.  This type of embroidery is completed on the wool and silk, both locally available.

The mirror work is another famous embroidery work from the Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is done by using the small mirrors in various shapes on the dress material and sarees. The mirror work sarees are famous during festivals in the states.


Again this is the special embroidery work of the Kashmir. It is completed mainly in intricate and elaborate floral motif work.  Both these works, aari and kashidakari, generally is not done on the sarees. but in the Jammu region of the state , one can find sarees with these types of embroidery .