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Cotton Silk Sarees

Cotton Silk Sarees

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One is one of the prominent dresses for ladies in India. It is both a simple and yet sensuous dress. It brings the features of the lady to the fore and yet at the same time, it is considers as the traditional dress. The best thing about the saree is that is can be used in both formal and semi formal occasions. It the first choice for weddings, receptions, night parties, family functions, social gathering and office functions. The way it is used, it enhances the beauty of the lady. 

 Another beautiful and unique things about the saree is that it lets you to be used in so many ways. It can be used for subtle look; it can also be used for sensuous look as well as in traditional way by covering the whole body. That may be the reason why some of the beautiful paintings of the women in Indian, by the world famous Raja Ravi varman, are always in the saree. 

The online site of the mileandmile brings some of the best traditional saree collections in the India to the customers around the world. The famous handcrafted sarees are available from the online site of the company. The various famous brands crafted by the hand operated looms are put on the display by the company. The online site is the only site that sells the sarees at the best available price to the customers. The company has been able to showcase the best of the country in the dress fabrications. The direct sourcing of the company from the traditional hubs of the country helps it to reduce the cost of the individual saree for the customers. Each saree is selected only, if it is totally handcrafted by the traditional weavers.

Some of the best sarees of the country are named after the regions which make them. The cotton silk sarees are one of the widely used saree types in the country. As obvious, it is made from the combination of two raw materials, cotton and silk. The popularity of the cotton silk sarees stems from the fact that they are cheaper than the pure silk sarees. And at the same time, they bring the same luster and feminine grace, which a silk saree brings.

The reason for the popularity of the cotton silk sarees

The use of cotton in the cotton silk sarees gives comfort and the silk brings luster and grace that is traditionally associated with the silk.  The combination of the cotton also lowers the cost of the cotton silk sarees, which helps young ladies, college going girls and newly working ladies to buy the cotton silk sarees. The cotton silk sarees can be used in all weather conditions of the country. Since India is a tropical country, the cotton silk sarees can be used comfortably throughout the year. The use of cotton also ensures cool fabric in the summer days.  These are light and soft, and are available in various designs and patterns. The white pure silk cotton saree is the most sorts after combination for night parties and receptions in the summer months in the country.

Buying from the online site of the mileandmile

The online site is the place of huge collection of the cotton silk sarees in the country. Every famous cotton silk saree handcrafted is available online for buyers.  The buyers are able to see the banarasi silk cotton sarees, handloom cotton silk sarees, bandhani sarees in silk and cotton, kanjeevaram silk sarees, and uppada sarees. The variety of the cotton silk sarees lies in the different thread of the cotton and silk used in the creation of the cotton silk saree.  

Some of the famous pure silk cotton sarees in the country are, silk cotton chanderi sarees, silk cotton bandhani saree, etc. the sarees are available with the same blouse or in contract blouse. The pure cotton silk saree comes with heavy embroidery border, sleek border or border with motif, etc. the collection of the pure silk sarees from the online site ensures that every lady has a favorite saree to every occasion.  The traditional artists making the sarees understand the nature of the buyers in India, thus they use vibrant colors and designs to attract the lady buyers.

The sale from the online site helps a young lady in the urban centers to get the best sarees from the traditional hubs of the country. the lady can use the mobile phone to search the perfect color combination , design and pattern during the commute to the office without going deep in the heat and dust of the vast country for the best cotton silk saree and pure cotton silk saree . The professionals of the online company search the perfect products for bring on the online platform for world- wide clientele base.  The customers buying from the online platform is assured that the saree is handcrafted entirely. And that it is made from the traditional hand operated looms. The embroidery work on the borders is also carried out by the artists. Since entire work is completed by the artists without use of modern production means, each saree takes considerable time before it is ready for sale.

Any ordered product is delivered within three working days in the quality packaging that prevents any moisture, dirt or dust from ingression in the packaging. The online payment is secure and all the data, that a buyer shares with the company is protected under the latest data protection rules and regulation implemented in the countries coming under the EEC. The buyers can retrieve the data, if they want. The company fully implements the rules and regulations for the data protection of the buyers in the European region.