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Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi Sarees

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India is a land of handcrafted textiles since time immemorial. There are various handcrafted textile traditional, which originated and prospered in a particular region. The handcrafted saree of the country are world famous. These are handloom made sarees, where a number of artists are working on the single saree for a number of days. The mileandmile has been trying successfully over the past several months to bring the world famous saree tradition of the country to the customers the world over. They are selected the sarees from the famous handcrafted traditional zones of the country and presenting them on the online platform of the company.

Over the past several months, they have presented the bandhani sarees, dress material and uppada sarees from the country to the customers at the affordable prices. Here, they are displaying the chanderi saree on the online platform at the affordable prices. The company mileandmile brings the best saree tradition of the country to the customers from the famous traditional centers of the country. Without the use of the online platform and direct sourcing from the traditional makers of the country, it would not have been possible.  First time, in recent years, the world audience is getting the glimpse of the traditional textile craft of the country.

Background of the chanderi saree-

Chanderi saree is one of the traditional sarees of the country. It is made in the chanderi area of the central Indian state of the Madhya Pradesh. The region is situated between the two culturally different areas of the state, Malwa and bundelkhand. The saree weaving tradition of the area begin in the 13th century. And during the mughal period, the textile business of the area reached its peak.

Material used in the creation of the chanderi saree –

Three fabrics, cotton, silk, and silk cotton are used in the creation of the chanderi sarees. The design and patterns are generally, the local tradition coin, geometric designs, floral art, peacocks etc. the golden and silver embroidery is also done to the saree which makes them one of the finest hand-woven sarees in the country.

Producing the chanderi saree -

Chanderi literary means saree of the loyalty. The fabric used for the creation of the chanderi sarees is produced by weaving the silk and golden zari in conventional cotton yarn . This results in the creation of a shimmering texture. The traditional artists of the small town chanderi work without help of any machine to produce the handcrafted saree with beautiful golden and silver embroidery.

The chanderi saree are lightweight, so ladies can wear them easily. These sarees are used for both formal and semi formal occasions and for festive seasons by ladies. The chanderi sarees are highly comfortable and have a luxurious feel. They are also sensuous and add to the grace and beauty of the user. The best part of the chanderi sarees is that they can be easily used for both summer and winter seasons. Since they also have cotton, the sarees can be easily used in the hot summer days of the India. The beauty created through the handcrafted means ensures that every lady looks good and graceful in the saree, no matter what type of physical structure she has.

Colors and patterns used in the chanderi sarees.  

The online site of the mileandmile has ensured that every variety available in the chanderi saree in the country is put on the display at the sale for the customers of the world at the affordable prices. The chanderi sarees are available in various colors combination, with embroidery. The sarees are on display in both plain, strips and with borders in various colors. The design of motifs of butis, floral pattern on the border, and general pattern in floral motif on the body of the saree are some common design. The colors range is from gorgeous white to maroon color.

The chanderi sarees come with glamorous look , making them perfect for wedding , parties , functions and for festive seasons . the ladies often choose the matching jewellery piece to complement with the saree from the chanderi .

Online buying

Online buying saves a lot of time and resources. The buyer does not have to go to the interior of the central Indian state of the chanderi to buy the saree. The direct link with the traditional artists help the online platform to buy the sarees in bulk to reduce the cost per piece. The cost benefit is then given to the customers in form of the cheap prices.

Also, the online site of the mileandmile takes only the handcrafted products for display and sale on the online site. Each piece is carefully selected and scrutinized before putting it on display at the online site. The company has direct links with the local artists who are in the making of the chanderi sarees for generations. The direct sourcing from the local artists helps company to keep the price down for the customers.

These days, it is a bit difficult for common buyers to note the difference between a handloom made saree and power loom made saree. The online site has a business saree that only the handloom saree will be sold through the site. The experienced professionals of the company travel to the tradition sites of the country to select the best handcrafted saree for display and sale on the online site of the company.