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Bandhej Suit Material

Bandhej Suit Material

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Bandhej is an ancient Sanskrit word, which literary means, ‘tying ‘. The term is used to denote the ancient tying and dying process which is one of the finest textile decorative arts in the India. The process involves picking up the part of the fabric by fingernails and tying the knot with some thread. The knots are then submerged in the colors. After dying the knots are carefully undone to create different shades of the color. This is handcrafted process and entire family often work in the same profession. The art is confined to the western states of the India, such as Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The colors used in the bandhej process are created from the natural ingredients such as root of the plants, flowers, leaves and berries. The decoration on the fabric thus created is in form of dots, squares, and in other shapes.

The Rajasthan bandhej suit material is very popular in the India.  The bandhej or bandhani suit material is created by the unique bandhani process, which provides a range of colors, shades and waves like patterns. The bandhej suit material from the state is known for their vibrant colors, and varied patterns and designs. The suits are for every age group and a lady can select the suit material matching her skin color, style and color preferences. The Rajasthan bandhej suit material is gaining the popularity throughout the country among young and working ladies. The each district of the state of Rajasthan has its own distinct style of the bandhej design and patterns which represent their district.

About bandhej or bandhani art -

The bandhej or bandhani textile decoration art is an ancient art, which has found reference in the Indus valley civilization, the urban civilization in Indian subcontinent dating back to 4000 BC.  The fabric that is to be dyed is tied in the tiny knots with impermeable threads. The fabric is dyed in the colors that are made from the natural ingredients. The tying process is generally done by the ladies of the artist’s families. The coloring is done by the men folk. The specialty of the Rajasthan bandhej is the creation of waves on the fabric, which is known as leheriya, in the local language. The waves are created not only on suit material, but also on dupattas, stole and turbans.

The bandhej suit material is one of the traditional suit materials of the country. The traditional suit materials are known for their handcrafted creations and use of natural colors for dying process. The suit material is used for its vibrancy, shades and patterns and designs. The collection becomes very popular during the summer months specially. The online platform of the mileandmile is striving to bring the best textile traditions of the India to the world audience. And the bandhej suit material is one of the finest handcrafted arts of the India. The variety, price range and designs from every district of the two states of the India, which are the hub of the bandhej suit material, are available on the online platform of the India.  Can one travel to the remote districts and collect the best bandhej suit material within the cost effective ranges. It is simply not possible in the large country, such as India. The only mean to get the best collection at the one place is the online site of the company mileandmile.

The site offers details of each bandhej suit material in addition to its price. The company directly sources the products from the local artists, who are in the tradition for generations. The direct sourcing plus the stringent quality control, assures that only the best handicraft suit material will be available on the online site. Any client cannot buy the bulk quantity from the local artists, since online company buys the material at the bulk level, they can give the low price to its products on the online site. The client from the out of the India may not even have the knowledge or experience to distinguish a handcrafted bandhej suit material from the machine created suit material. But the site of the company proclaims in its trade policy, that each product on display is handcrafted by the skilled artists of the bandhej tradition from the Rajasthan.

The suit material comes in various colors, shades, patterns and shades of the different colors. From red to yellow, green, dark red, maroon, to the even white, and black, the suit material is available in affordable prices. Every young lady will find that the bandhej suit material is within her purchasing power.

Today the bandhej products are in demand not only for suit material, but also for sarees, turbans, bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains and upholstery, etc.

The bandhej suit material has dot, known as bheedi, in the Hindi language, throughout its length. The dots are always in the bright colors, which makes wearer so special during the festive occasions. Generally, the bandhej suit material comes with the stole or dupattas of the same color. The suit material is for salwar and kameej, which may or may not be in the same color. The bandhej suit also have the embroidery work done on its borders. The embroidery work is done by the artists who work on the single peace for several days, as the each work is handcrafted.

The colorful range of the bandhej suit material, both in stitched and unstitched forms, is available from the online platform of the company at the cheap prices. The clients get the ordered bandhej suit material in 3 working days duration. The company ensures that the knots of the fabric are preserved and the fabric retains its pattern during the journey to the client. The suit material is packed in the quality packaging material to prevent the dust, dirt or moisture from entering the package. The client can order one or more than one product from the online site of the company. The quality, price, and range available from the online site cannot be found anywhere. One also gets the chance to see other related products on the online site. The suit materials are available on cotton, silk and in other fabrics. The cotton suit material is popular among college going girls and working ladies, while the silk suit material is used with embroidery for special occasions.