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Bandhej Dress Material & Saree

Bandhej Dress Material & Saree

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Bandhani, also known as Bandhej is an art of tie and dye ecofriendly natural fibers to create exquisite textiles which are primarily used for Saree and Salwaar-Kameej. Bandhani represents the traditional culture of two Indian states which are close to each other that is, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bandhani is one of the arts that requires highly skilled artists and it takes around a week to prepare each piece with fine craftsmanship. The technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points thus producing a variety of patterns like “Chandrakala”, “BavanBaug”, “Shikari” and more like them.     

Bandhej is another name of the bandhani textile design art from the India. It is a traditional textile art that is used still in the western states of the country. The art form is culturally associated with the two provinces of the country, Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is a completely handcrafted textile designing art. It is involves tie and dye method of eco-friendly natural fibers for creating the exquisite textiles for sarees and salwar and kameej, the traditional India dress for ladies.

The reason why this art form is confided to the two states is that, it requires skills that are not learnt, but passed from one generation to another generation. And these two states were traditionally the centers of the bandhani or bandhej in India.  

The delicate bandhej is created in the Kutch belt of the Gujarat state of the country. It is done in the mandvi area of the region. The mandvi, anjar, Jamnagar and bhuj are the famous centers of this art form in the state.  The Kutch bandhej which is made in the entire saurashtra belt is a bit coarser. The bandhani patterns are also handcrafted in other areas of the state. The Jamnagar is famous for dyeing bandhej fabric. It is believed that the water quality of this region lends amazing brightness to the red colors of the fabric.

The bandhej is the Rajasthan, is tied in the desert town of Bikaner and also in sikar district of the state .the whole jaipur belt also handcrafts the bandhani fabric for various designs and patterns. The other cities of the Rajasthan also have their own centers for the bandhej textile art and each district has its own distinct style. For example, the bandhani saree with the leheriay bupatta is a form of textile design art from the Rajasthan only. It may be practiced in other areas, but it is basically the tradition art form of the bandhej from Rajasthan.

Materials used in the creation of bandhani dress material and sarees.

The fabric is white and unbleached at the beginning of the bandhani process. The knots are made with the thick cotton strings, which are impermeable. The knots are made on the entire fabric at the various places with equal space between them. The fabric is then put into the colors, made of natural and eco friendly ingredients. The dyes are created in the bid utensils; so that entire fabric can be submerge into that fabric. The bandhani process leads to creation of a fabric that has many shades, colors and patterns. The silk is mixed with cotton, so that it can withstand the many tying and multiple rounds of dying process. The fabric used in the tying and dying process must also be absorbent, so that it can absorb the colors in which it is submerged. These days cotton, silk, chiffon, and georgette etc., are used in the creation of bandhani fabric for sarees.

The type of bandhej or bandhani saree –

Jhankar bandhani saree are in vibrant colors and have fine patterns. They also do not have white color dots or light dots that are visible in other sarees. The green color saree in bandhani style may come with maroon color and red color dots.

Color discharge bandhani sarees have light colors over the darker colors, which is a reverse process. Other bandhani sarees will have light colors first and then darker colors.  In such a bandhej, the deep red dots are visible over the pale yellow base. Since the process is completed by the discharging darker hues, these types of bandhej sarees are called color discharging bandhani.

The bandhai sarees are considered very auspicious and are used in the many parts of the country. The bandhani sarees with the vibrant colors are popular among young ladies and girls. The sarees are made for every age group and one can select the saree for every occasion and festival. The banhani sarees are also famous and popular, because every lady with any skin color can get the best sarees that appears, as if the product is made especially for her. The choice of colors, variations in shades, and colors is also such that one can find the saree for every party, occasion and festival.

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