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Bandhani - Traditional Patterns

Bandhani - Traditional Patterns

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The patterns created on the bandhani fabric vary from dots to square to drops, waves, strips etc. These are known as leheriya, mothra, ekadali, and shikhari in the local language.  The decorative art is created by the artists who are in the profession for generations. The patterns are different from region to region and district to district in the same region. But the underlying theme is use of vibrant colors, creating various shades of the same color and giving bright colors to the bandhani fabric. The same patterns are embossed on the dupattas, sarees and turban of man. The patterns are created by the process of embossing the wooden block with various patterns and designs on its bottom side, on the bandhani fabric. The leheriya pattern is, for example, a typical Rajasthan style.

Bandhani is one of the best known tradition textiles decorating design of the country. It is as old as Indian civilization and is today continuing in the same tradition, in which it existed thousands of years ago. The online platform of the mileandmile has been able to source the authentic bandhani dress material and sarees from the local artists for online sale. The products are sourced directly from the artists who are in the field for generations. The company is successfully trying to project the traditional textile art of the India to the world. The widest range possible is on display on the online platform of the company at the affordable prices for the customers.

Basically the bandhani is used to create vibrant colors, unique patterns, designs on fabrics. The fabric is then used to make sarees, dress material, and turban for man. These days the products are famous all over the country. The designs and patterns are used in the bed sheets, pillow covers, ghagras, and apparel industry and in curtains and upholstery.

Designs and patterns in the bandhani tradition –

First the fabric is selected and sorted. Then the fabric is folded horizontally half and stitched. The design pattern on the tracing paper is traced with the blue color. Only one half of the paper is traced with the design and other half automatically gets the same design. Then the brush is used to brushing the blue color design over the tracing paper, so that design gets on the fabric. The designs were also marked with the imprint of wooden blocks and threads. After drying the color of design on the fabric, the fabric goes to the bandhani artist for tying the knots. The knots are created all over the fabric and water resistible threads are used to tie the knots. There are several types of designs such as scatter dots, barthi bandhej, and circum bandhej.

Scatter dots are common designs created in the fabric. This brings out a beautiful pattern of dots spread across the fabric. The circum bandhej is a flow of designs on the fabric. The barthi bandhej is obtained by creating a lot of knots closer to each other for obtaining intricate design.

Other tradition patterns in the bandhej tradition –

Apart from the three patterns mentioned above, there are many patterns that are created in the bandhej. these are dungar shahi , the mountain form ,chaubasi , the knots in the group of four ,tikunti –knots in group of three , knots in group of seven , known as satbandhi ,ekdali – a simple dot ,boond –a small dot,kodi tear drop shape , and leheriya , a wave like pattern and laddu jalebi , a swirling form design . After the completion of the knot making process, the fabric goes for the dying process. But before the dying process, the blue color design is washed. The final bandhani products that comes out of this process are known by various names such as, Khombi, patori, Ghar Chola, and Chandrokhani

The dying process is also of several types, and each type depend on the type of the material that is used in the making the bandhani fabric. After the dying process, the fabric is air dried. The company selling the online bandhani ensures that the bandhani products on the sale are completed through the handcrafted techniques. The entire process from the knots making to the drying and embroidery creation is completed by the hands. No part of the bandhani fabric creation is completed by the machines. The online platform has strict criteria that only handcrafted products will be available for sale on the online platform of the company.

The bandhani fabric comes in varying colors, shades and designs. The colors are bright, dark and light and in combination of various forms. The bandhani sarees and dress material comes in all form of vibrant colors combinations.

The company provides the best bandhani material at the cheap rates to customers from India and abroad. The customers will never be able to find the combination of cost and quality at any other online platform. The experts of the company source the bandhani material from the hub of the traditional textiles art, rajasthan, Gujarat and in some other states. The online platform makes sure that bandhani products are available from each district and each region of these two states. This is because, every district or region has its own style and patterns. The leheriya patterns for example are the creation of the Rajasthan bandhani process and are confined to the several part of the state.  It is a highly skilled art, which is confined to the some district of the states. The families who are working in the domain are the traditional families. The mileandmile has established direct contact with these families to get the best products for online sale. The direct sourcing also helps the company to keep the price of the all bandhani or bandhej products at the affordable levels. The products are becoming favorite dress materials of ladies, girls, working ladies and housewives.  The products are delivered throughout the world at the best costs without additional cost of the quality packaging. The packaging is done in such a manner that the products are protected from moisture, dust, dirt and heat during the delivery to the client. The clients just have to selected a product and place  the order by paying though secure online platform.