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Bandhani - Glace Cotton & Pure Silk

Bandhani - Glace Cotton & Pure Silk

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Glace cotton is hundred percent cotton material boasting wonderful dry handle and is the perfect for the summer stitched texture. The bandhani art is produced on the cotton bandhani dress material as the cotton can easily handle the tying and dying process that is integral part of the bandhani art. The purpose of the bandhani art is to produce various shades, patterns around the knots which are created for the dying process. The works is completed by the local artists who work in groups, often with the family members, together. The cotton saree with the vibrant colors and patterns are the much sought after bandhani sarees in the summers by the ladies and young girls alike. The sarees with the bandhani art also come with matching dupattas in the same pattern and design.

Mileandmile through its online platform has been popularizing the traditional Indian textiles and its decorative art. It has established direct contact with the local artists, who are using the traditional methods to produce the textile designs. The bandhani is one such art that is continuing in the India, in its same traditions. The company directly sources the products from the local artists, so that the best traditional bandhani products are provided to the clients at the affordable prices.

The bandhani is a decorative form of the fabric. It involves the creation of certain knots throughout the fabric and then coloring the fabric with all knots in the natural colors. The knots are untied only after they have absorbed the colors. Everything is done by hands and colors are also made by natural ingredients. These ingredients can be plant leaves, roots and mixing of two or more herbs. Since entire process is done after the use of knots, it is known as bandhani in the local language.

The bandhani methods are used primarily to get the fascinating colors combinations, different shades of lighter and darker colors and varied patterns and designs. The baandhani fabric is used for dress material, sarees and also for turban for man. The two states of the India, Rajasthan and Gujarat, are the hub of the bandhani method of fabric decoration in the country.

Culture roots of the bandhani –

Bandhani is considered very auspicious in the two western states of the country, Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is used by married ladies, young ladies and man during the festivals, special occasion and social gatherings. The kurta, turban and stoles are used by the man in these two states. Each district and region famous for the bandhani in these two states has own distinct style of decorating the fabric in bandhani style.

Material used in bandhani process -

Cotton or muslins are the traditional fabrics used to create the bandhani. These days to meet the demand of clients, the traditional artists are also using fine georgette, silk, silk –cotton blends, viscose, and cotton variants. Since silk is a delicate fabric and cannot withstand the tying and dying process associated with the bandhani art, it is mixed with the cotton or viscose to create the bandhani fabric.

The glace cotton is fine polished cotton with a shine and more durable than the normal cotton. This cotton is produced by a dry handle cotton yarn and is very smooth and glazy. It is used for bandhani fabric as it can easily withstand the twists that are made to create the knots for the bandhani process. The glace cotton and pure silk sarees from the mileandmile represent the best of the textile tradition of the India. The silk sarees are in varied colors and come with the golden embroidery at their borders. The sarees with golden embroidery are the ultimate sarees for a lady for special occasions and parties. The silk saree is a symbol of grace, beauty and look very sensuous on a lady. The collection provided by the online platform of the mileandmile is a huge one to offer anyone a perfect pair for the wedding and evening parties. The best prices are available in all the ranges.

The online platform assures its clients and customers from the country and abroad that it offers only those bandhani glace cotton and silk sarees that are created by hand and entire embroidery is also completed by hand. As a business policy, the company promotes only the handcrafted bandhani products through its platform. the glace cotton and pure silk saree can  available in blue , yellow , purple , azure blue color , fuscia color , peach , burnt yellow , black , pink and eggplant purple color .

The direct purchasing from the local artists in bulk quantity ensures that the price of a piece of glace cotton and pure silk saree will be easily available to the customers at the discount rates. The price of a pure silk bandhani saree is high in any posh market. But the online site is the only site that offers the pure silk sarees with golden embroidery at the cheap price that is not available with any other seller. The sarees come with same color blouse or blouse in different color. The complete package with the bandhani dupattas, or stole in the same or varied shades is also offered to the buyers at the affordable prices. The products are delivered within 3 working days in the quality packaging that prevents the ingression of moisture, dust and dirt.

The glace cotton is the perfect for the summer months and rainy season for the ladies, working ladies and college going girls. The glace cotton comes in various colors, thus giving choice to the ladies to pick up the one that best suits them and perfectly is in line with their skin color. The glace cotton and pure silk sarees are used for both formal and informal occasions, family functions, and parties at home and for weddings. The customer must take this for granted that the product from the online platform will be the best in quality and price. The added advantage is that a customer does not have to travel to the remote parts of the Indian to collect the best glace cotton and pure silk sarees in bandhani style or tradition. One can search the products and then ordered the selected one from the comfort of bedroom at night.