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Mileandmile has carved a niche for itself in the online market for possessing one of the finest collections of ethnic sarees curated from all over the country. Saree is our national attire and also versatile raiment that can bring the features of a woman to the fore. It celebrates the beauty of a woman in an aesthetic manner. It easily covers up any flaws and also allows a woman to flaunt her beauty in style. The alluring saree has a universal appeal in India and each part of this great country produces its own weaves that are quite breathtaking. At this reputed online store, you can find all types of sarees including Bandhani or Bandhej. You can browse through their unique collection of Chiffon Saree with embroidery work, Georgette Saree with mirror work, South Indian Silk Sarees, Lightweight Silk Sarees and many more. Pick lovely sarees for your beloved at affordable prices.

The bandhani is one of the oldest known and recorded handcrafted textile art in the world. The art is still performed by the artists in the western provinces of the India. The art is confided to the certain areas of the western provinces, Gujarat and Rajasthan, in the country. The local artists are working on it for generations and they have perfected the techniques to create the master peace bandhani dress materials.

The word ‘ bandhani or bandhej ‘ a Sanskrit word ,  means tying , as the fabric is tied and then dyed in the natural colors before establishing various patterns on it .  The art is ancient and since the ancient times, it is done with hands only. That is why the products displayed on the online platform on the mileandmile are unique, as only then handcrafted products are sold on the online platform.

The bandhani is used for creating sarees, suits and turban for man. It is also used on design stoles and kurtas used by both man and woman in the country.  

What Is So Special Of Bandhani Fabric?

The bandhani fabric has a vibrant color, various shades of the same colors and appealing designs in form of dots. The fabric has various knots through the length and these knots are dyed in the natural colors. When these knots are untied after coloring, they give various shades of same or different colors. The fabric is created only by hands without use of machines. The first condition which a bandhani product has to fulfill before its selection on the online platform of mileandmile is that it has to be entirely made from hand.

Culture Connect Of The Bandhani Saree

The bandhani sarees are considered very auspicious in the India, especially in the Rajasthan and Gujarat states of the country.  The bandhani saree in the vibrant red colors is used by the ladies, young married ladies. During the social functions, birthday functions and family gathering on festivals, the bandhani saree is considered a must for a lady. It finds its association from birth to the marriage. The folklore says that wearing a bandhani saree invites good luck for the lady.

In Gujarat the bandhani saree gifted by the groom family has a delicate work. The same is truth for sarees in the neighboring Rajasthan.

Material Used In The Bandhani Saree –

Bandhani saree comes in silk , cotton , georgette , chiffon , and mix of silk with poly fibers  and cotton, etc. since silk is a delicate fabric , which may not withstand the bandhani creating process , it is mixed with cotton and poly fiber . Some bandhani sarees have zari work, which is embroidery work, created by the hands of skilled artists with gold and silver thread. Again the work is done by artists without the use of machines. The best place to buy the handcrafted bandhani saree is online site of mileandmile. The customers may find it difficult to distinguish a bandhani saree made by machines and handcrafted one. But mileandmile assures its clients that only the authentic and genuine handcrafted bandhani saree is put on display for sale at the best prices.

Colors Used In The Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani colors are natural colors and are vibrant. They have shades of the colors but all are vibrant and represent the joy, vibrancy and auspiciousness. That is the reason why a bandhani saree is always preferred during the festive seasons and functions. The bandhani silk saree with golden embroidery is an ultimate feminine creation, reflecting grace, charm and sensuousness, associated with a lady in a saree.

The colors are dark and deep tones but start with lighter tones. Traditionally, the bandhani fabric is dyed in yellow and white and yellow often appear in circles. Red, maroon, indigo blue, turquoise blue, green are other traditional bandhani colors used for bandhani sarees. Purple, mustard, pink, black, beige, etc., are also used these days.

Different Types Of Bandhani Sarees

Jhankaar bandhani saree is very vibrant and comes with fine patterns. It never comes in light or white colored dots.

Bor jaal is used for weddings in the Rajasthan and Gujarat province of the country. The saree has an intricate pattern, appearing as a net, that is why that name, jaal, which is Hindi word for a net. These sarees have an interesting interplay of colors and dots, reflecting an interesting maze. These are available in various colors.

The color discharging saree is made by having lighter colors over the darker colors.  The customers can find the best products in these types on the online site at affordable prices.

Lehariay saree is produced by creating a wave like pattern on the bandhani fabric. The word ‘lehariya’ is a Hindi word, meaning waves, the waves like pattern on the fabric is known as lehariya saree. The blue color lehariay saree reflects waves when a lady in it moves. 

Besides the bandhani saree, the customers will also other handcrafted saree of the India. This saree is known as uppada saree. The saree style is named after the district in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where it is created entirely by hand. The uppada saree is light weight and has a soft texture. It is purely in silk. Some of the best sarees from the traditional manufacturing places are picked up by the experts of the mileandmile for online sale at the cheap rates. The bulk purchasing helps them to keep the rate within reasonable ranges. The uppada sarees is silk are used primarily for weddings, formal gathering and for festive occasion in the country.

It is not possible for a client to travel to far flung areas of the country for the bandhani sarees. The only place which ensures that all best bandhani sarees of the country are collected and put on display for sale is the online site of mileandmile. The quality and price are unmatchable and customers can find some of the low price range for the best bandhani sarees.