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Anarkali Salwar Suits and Designer Kurta

Anarkali Salwar Suits and Designer Kurta

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India is known for its rich history and diverse culture. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, which still retain the elements of the ancient and medieval history and culture in its modern life. The unique things about the history of the India is that it is influenced by the traditions of other cultures, and civilizations. Gradually these influences become the part of daily life of the people in older days as well as in modern India. Now it is difficult to distinguish which element of its life is indigenised and which one came from other cultures.

Kurta is one such piece of cloth which is part of the Indianculture, but is also influenced in style and design by the elements of the central Asiaculture. This is one of the many wears that is continuing from the ancient India to the modern India with little change. The kurta is a loose upper garment, which is used by both man and woman in the country. The length of the kurta can be up to knees for both man and woman. In some cases, the short form of the kurta known as kurti is wore by ladies, and its length is shorter than the kurta used for men.  The great thing about the kurta is that it can be teamed up with a jean, salwar or a pant. In fact teaming up with jean is one of the widely use of the kurta for urban men and women.

The kurta is a dress that is used for both formal as well as casual occasions. It is often wore at home, as it is relaxing and comfortable in remain in the kurta. It is the very design of the kurat which provides the greater comfortable level of the wearer. Its sleeves do not narrow down as is the case with shirts or other western dresses. The size of the sleeves remains same up to the wrist. Also its side seams are open for comfortable movement of the wearer. The kurta is also without collar and it is open at the centre. The wearer first has to put head inside the opening for wearing it.

The only major difference between a man kurta and woman kurta is the use of embroidery at the centre or on wrist part of the sleeves. The kurta for gents does not have embroidery. The embroidery for ladies can be in golden or silver threads or in the colourful threads creating intricate designs on the two sides of the opening at the centre of the kurta.

The designer kurta is just part of the kurta that has a rich intricate embroidery designs and comes in various fabrics other than cotton. The colourful silk Kurtis with fine embroidery work is a popular kurta for ladies. The short kurta is called Kurtis and goes with jeans, or salwar perfectly. Both young and mature ladies prefer the Kurtis in various colours and designs. TheKurtis or modern day designer kurta also has collars.

Historical Background Of The Kurta

The word kurta has its origin in the Urduword. It is also said that word came from Sanskrit word kurtaru or kurtaka. Along with India, several countries in the neighbourhood also have a long kurta tradition. It is part of the ethnic wear and several part of the country have their own version of the kurta. The difference in the design and patterns on the fabric, rather than in the design of the kurta itself. The fabric used in the making of the kurta vary from cotton to silk to linen. There is, in fact little change that has come in the kurta over the centuries in the country.

Some places in the country are famous for their own unique process of creation of designs on the kurta for men and Kurtis for ladies.  In city of nawab,luckhow, the chicken kurta made by hands is very popular product. The artists who work on it make the entire design without use of any machine. In fact the embroidery work is done without machines and by single artists. The design is embossed on the kurta by the wooden block and then the fine embroidery work is created on the design by threads. The fabric is washed to remove the printed design. The traditional city kurta has overlapping panels. The famous chickan luckhnow kurta is stitched in straight plain designs. The other famous kurta design is the country is for city of Hyderabad in the Deccan. Traditionally the kurtas were made in the white cloth with embroidery work on the both sides of the opening in the centre. The Hyderabad style kurta has a keyhole opening with thread work surrounding the collar. The kurta with rich designs and embroidery work is wore during festivals or celebrations in families and on special occasions. It is now becoming tradition to wear the designer kurtas in various colours and in silk fabric on the occasion of Diwali in the country.Thecasual wear is just cotton kurta without intricate designs. The white kurta is a casual dress during summer months in the large part of the country.

The other regions of the country from Bhopal to Bengal, to Punjab and part of the Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have their own style of kurta which differ little from one another. It is often difficult to see the widest range of kurtas and Kurtis at the single place. The online site of the milleandmile is one such site that collects the best kurtas from the artists who use only hands to create some of the finest work in the kurtas. The bandhani fabric is used in the Sindhi kurtas. The Sindhi kurtas uses mirror work and local patterns to decorate the fabric.

The famous hand span kurta is khadi, which is one of the widely used attire in summer months across the India, especially in the north India. It is woven in cotton, which is the preferred fabric for summer months.