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Buy Exotic Designs of Bandhani Dress Material Here

Buy Exotic Designs of Bandhani Dress Material Here

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Mileandmile has a large variety of exclusive collection of Bandhani salwar kameez like the fascinating sea green, Green and Fuchsia Bandhani Dress Material in Cotton with Dupatta, Orange and Pink Bandhani Dress Material, Lime Green and Lemon Yellow Bandhani Dress Material in Cotton with Dupatta, Dark Blue and Turquoise Bandhani Dress Material in Cotton with Dupatta, Violet and Pink Bandhani Dress Material in Cotton with Dupatta and many more. Bandhani  or Bandhej, a highly-skilled process involving Tie-Dye method, has the base fabric tied at several points by threads and then the threads are dyed. The manner in which the tying is done decides the resulting pattern, which could be Leheriya, Mothra, Ekdali and Shikari. Patterns which emerge are generally dots, stripes, waves or squares.

The Khatri community of Kutch in Gujarat is known to excel in Bandhani. Saurashtra in Gujarat, and Rajasthan again have their own style of Bandhani, unique to their regions. Designs and colours differ, with significance attached to certain colours. Buy these fabulous dress material now.

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Our online sale platform is dedicated to popularizing and supporting the traditional Indian crafts which are confined to the various regions of the country. Through our online platform, we would like the entire world to understand and know the traditional dress material from the ancient land, called India. It is an ancient art, and mention has been found in the ancient texts. The glimpses of the art form are also available in the famous Ajanta caves.

What exactly is bandhani or bandhej?

The bandhani or bandhej is one of the handcrafted textile arts of the Indian artists, which is imparted from generation to generation. The bandhani or bandhej, as the name suggests, is created by the tying and dying method. The entire length of the fabric is tied in small knots. The fabric is picked up by the fingers of the both hands and tied to form a knot. When the fabric is dyed, the knots remain in the same position. But when the fabric is taken out of the colors, the knots are untied carefully to preserve their shape and get the unique color pattern or shade. The colors used in the bandhani dress material are mostly bright colors, such as e red, blue, yellow and green.  This unique method of the tying and dying provides shades of the colors with varying degree of intensity and brightness. The colors are made from the natural ingredients, such as plant roots, or herbs, leaves, etc.

Specialty of the bandhani dress material of India

The uniqueness of the bandhani is in its creation, which is totally hand crafted. No part of the process is completed by hand. From tying and dying to the designing on the set patterns on the dress material, everything is done by the artists. The entire family of the artists, sometimes, works in the creation of a single bandhani dress material. The art is confined to only certain places or provinces of the country. Most the art of the bandhani is found in western provinces of the country. These provinces are Gujarat and Rajasthan. There is some variation in the design, coloring and fine, but at macro level, the creation is same and process is also alike.

The bandhani process is used to create the attractive, appealing, unique patterns and designs on the fabric. The unique tying and dying gives attractive patterns and designs. The dress created in the bandhani or bandhej are for both ladies and gents. The suits, sarees, stoles, or dupattas are for ladies, while kurta, a loose upper garment, is for man. In some parts of the country, the man also use turban, head cover, in bandhani textile. The bandhani dress material is becoming very popular these days among urban ladies specially. The dress material is for all age groups. Traditionally, the ladies in the bandhani centers such as Rajasthan and Gujarat prefer bandhani sarees in bring colors. The turban in bright colors with black or color dots was used by man since ancient times. Still the bandhani dress material is popular among the rural folks.  The online platform of the reputed company has given opportunity to urban folks to buy the best authentic bandhani dress material at the affordable prices

Why online buying is the best platform for clients?

The online platform providing by the mileandmile is the best place to get the authentic and genuine bandhani dress material. The company has experts who are well versed with the art of selecting the best bandhani dress material for the online platform. The company has a business policy that only genuine and handmade dress suit material will be provided to the clients in the best packaging material. Since it is not possible for people from big cities to travel to the remote corners of the vast India to buy the bandhani dress material, the online platform is the best place to get the dress material of choice at the cheap prices.

When one is buying from the online platform, he or she gets a lot of benefits. The first benefit is that the bandhani or bandhej dress material is pure and authentic. This is for sure. The second is that the prices are best and affordable to all. The third is that, the one gets a whole range of dress material in various colors, designs, patterns, and combination to choose from. The variety is taken from the best artists families of the country, who are in the creation of baadhani dress material for generations. The best creations of both the provinces are put on sale by the company. and, not to mention , the variation in designs , which is  the specialty of the every district of the these two large provinces ,Rajasthan and Gujarat , are also put on display for sale at the low prices .  From the comfort of home, a customer can see a comprehensive range of the best bandhani dress material at the best and affordable prices and order the product or products.  The dress material is dispatch within few hours and client gets the ordered dress material within three working days. The packaging is done in such a way that the fine knots of the bandhani art are preserved and clients get the dress in proper bandhani shape without any distortion in style or patterns. The cheapest and best bandhani dress material is for sale online of mileandmile.