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Handcraft - Jewellery Boxes

Handcraft - Jewellery Boxes

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The jewellery boxes not only look elegant but also create a special place for your precious jewellery. It comes with several cases and cute, and soft corners for each piece of jewellery. It gives a perfect place for storing the various pieces of jewellery in home.

The handcrafted jewellery boxes are often made in wood in various sizes and shapes with intricate design on them. They look as feminine, as they are made to appear soft, rounded and delicate and beautiful. They are also known as caskets, because they resemble the casket of treasures for a lady, the owner. Some have legs, while other have flat bottom. The jewellery boxes are aesthetically designed in designs that are close to a lady or a young girl. In older times, only rich ladies would have them, but now it is possible to have one at the affordable cost, thanks to the online companies that showcases the best of the Indian craft and tradition online.

There are jewellery boxes for large jewellery pieces, such a necklace or earing. Some boxes are very small in size catering to the need of ladies who need for cute ones for their rings, nose rings and earing.

What Is The Practical Need Of A Jewellery Box?

The jewellery boxes means that all jewellery a lady has is in one place. It is also one of the ways to stay organized. At the time of need, everything related to the jewellery will be at the one place. For wedding and celebration, when one has to dress, there is no need to turn the house upside down.

Another practical reason is that a jewellery box, allows you to keep the jewellery as fresh and new as possible. And if we can add, it also makes it easy for a lady to show off her treasure collection.

Special Features Of The Jewellery Boxes –

First of all , we should understand that a jewellery box is for a lady or a young girl , and that is why , it have to be cute , reflecting feminine features , with designs in vibrant colours . A jewellery box cannot be dull, robust looking box with strong walls and a lid that is heavy to lift. Most of the jewellery boxes have alluring designs, distinct patterns, high durability,and finefinish, light weigh, and come in elegant appearances. They also strong resistance to moisture,water,dust, dirt and prevent the jewellery from weather conditions. All most all jewellery boxes have small compartments for every piece of jewellery for heavy necklaces to small rings and nose rings. Handcrafted boxes comes in wood,brass,and copper, plastic or in tin in various sizes and shapes.

These days handcrafted jewellery boxes come in mesmesring designs and shapes . They look as beautiful as the products they are hold or contain to make. The manufacturers use artisans who are working in the same domain for generations. The customized products are delivered to the clients. The customization means that a client gives specifications to the manufacturers, and gets jeweller boxes made on the same specifications. The handcrafted jewellery boxes are look personal and part of the jewellery itself. They are also close to the heart of the lady than say a steel box or machine made box. The handcrafted jewellery boxes can be wood, fabric or in any other material. But all of them have intricate design and patterns.

Why Online Buy Is The Best Buy?

Online platform has given an all India platform to artisans of the country to showcase their handcrafted products to the wide audience at the same time. The customers also get some of the best products from the hub of handcrafted articles and dress materials of the country. The online platform bring manufacturers and customers at the one unique win-win platform. The online site mileandmile has been successfully giving the best products of the country, intextile, tribal jewellery, dress materials,sarees,necklaces and other products which were earlier confined to the selected places.

The online platform ensures that only the best products are on display at the site. The experts of the online test and check the quality of every single product that is sold on the site. This leaves customers to only look for favourite colour, design and size. The display online is guarantee that the product is passed several layers of quality check, both at the manufacturing level and then at the company level, before online display.

Another benefit of the online platform is that handcrafted jewellery boxes are made in different parts of the country, from Kashmir to the small town in the UttaraPradesh. It is not possible to see all products in any brick and mortar store. The online marketing team sources the handcrafted jewellery boxes from the best manufacturers in the country. The bulk sources lower the price for them, which they pass on to the customers. The handcrafted boxes made in the different parts of the country comes in different prices, but the online platform keep the rate low for the customers. The online site has been catering to the customers who are reconnecting their roots through the purchase of traditional products created and crafted by the traditional artisans of the country at the various hubs. Now a closing line, it is possible that a lady may buy the jewellery box for herself online, but she will be happiest, if her husband or boyfriend buys a beautiful, cute and mesmerizing handcrafted jewellery box for her. The occasion can be birthday,anniversary,valentineday,or just a gift without any strong reason, just because her friend or husband happen to see a beautiful jewellery box online at the best prices. The lady will cherish this gift more than the jewellery piece. And the kind of expression on her face for her husband or boyfriend will be more than the cost of the handcrafted jewellery box.