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Perhaps there are more variety in handbags than in any other accessory for both ladies and gents. And especially in the ladies category, the ladies are spoilt by the sheer range of bags with designs, printing and various colours. the reason for this universe size range for ladies bags is obvious , the ladies are one of the biggest   customers and shopping for bags is for them second nature . They just need an excuse to go and buy a new bag, for office, books or just to match their new dress.

There is no wonder that bags are ladies are also different from bags designed for men. The bags or handbags for ladies have more colours, come in various colour combinations and have designs and prints on them. The bags are not just black and red leather. They have unique personality to attract the ladies and match their taste and personal style.

The bags for men for meant to carry office stationery and files,etc. And when they are not going for office, they do not need bag at all. But a lady has so many personal belonging that a bag is part of their personality and necessity .any visit, whether official or non-official needs a bag, for personal items. A lady cannot move out of the home without a decent bag. Such is the relations of a bag with a lady or of a lady with a bag. There is a vast difference between a bag meant for ladies and gents. The ladies bags have bold expressive colours, bright colourswith figures or paintings. The perfect hand bag for a young lady or for any woman is that matches the functionality with the beauty. A bag for a lady is not just to carry personal items, it must also have a style and uniqueness to match the personality of the owner.

Getting the right bag is an easy and difficult thing to do at the same time. It is easy because there are so many options that even every dress a lady has, can find a matching bag. The difficult, part is because the bag has to perform several functions, for which it may not be created at first. Forexample, a bag for books may be simple and without design, but a personal bag cannot carry office files and books. That is why ladies often have several bags. Even when they are carrying the office bag, they keep personal hand bag with them for personal belongings.

To cater to the one of the big spender on the bags, the artists are painting the ladies bags to make them fall for the bags even more. The bags are painted with designs , figures and patterns that are close to the heart of a lady , such a butterflies , birds , flowers , floral , nature , sea life , fantasy , garden life , abstracts , vintage and scenic views . The colour combinations are almost limitless. In fact every lady can find easily personal favourite shade or colour to match the favourite dress.

In addition to the design and colourvariety, the hand bags in printing version and without printing version are available for every occasion. The handmade clutches are comfortable for evenings, when the lady just has to go to the nearby markets for shopping or just to a party. The handmade clutches are trendy, stylish and add glamour to the personality of the lady. There are some organizations that support the local artists by helping them to sell their hand made clutches online. The handmade clutches have the ethnic touch to their design. The local artists who design them adds the local flavour by printing figures from the local milieu. These clutches are handy,comfortable, and are easy to carry than purses, as they have the strap for keeping them safe in hands.

Besides local artists, the designers are also creating the new hand bags every season for corporate and working ladies. These bags are trendy, cute and add another category for woman bags.

The biggest category that is emerging these days in the handbags is the leather bag for books and laptops. The bag for books has to be strong, that is the reason why leather is preferred for books. The books are is increasingly being used by the college going girls, working ladies and corporate ladies who have to keep the laptop with them for office hours. Since girls do not like things in plain, dull colours, the leather books bags are also designed and painted by the local artists. Again the buyers are getting the choice to select the leather bag for books with the print that is close to the heart, and she likes to flaunt. These leather bags for books have section forfiles,stationery, and large items such as books or other papers.

The best place again to buy hand bags is the online site, as the sheer variety makes it impossible for any retailer to keep all under the same roof. But the online site has enabled the customers to search for hand bags under different categories and order the one or two that fit their bill or need. It becomes easy and saves resources, if one can select the perfect handbag from the different categories. The online cost is also considerable less than the cost from the showrooms, as products online are directly purchased from the manufacturers without involvement of the middleman and the benefit in cost is passed on to the customers. All handbags also have straps for shoulders, so handbags can easily become the shoulder bags, whenever the user wants to feel comfortable in hanging them from shoulders. The cost of the handbags makes it possible for users to order more than one or two for different needs and occasions.