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Handmade - Satchels and Folders

Handmade - Satchels and Folders

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There was a time when in the name of a bag, we just had a large bag for everything from clothes to books and personal belongings. They were large bags and were often heavy and inconvenient to carry. Also there was little choice in the size and colours. There were only couple of sizes and colours were almost same. Most of these bags come with handles and it was really discomfort able to carry them even for a man.

Now there is a choice even for a bag for few books, light papers,documents, and for laptops and school books. Even for gym we have a small bags for towels etc.The variety of bags ensure that every one can have a bag that is close to the personality and practical need. there are bags for kids , bags for light paper work , bags for heavy files and for personal belongings , such as pen , spectacles , or napkins etc. the sheer range of bags available means that we have bags for morning office work , bags for outings , bags for evening hanging out with friends and bags for family excursion on holiday or weekends .

The satchel bags come with a folder that holds the contents inside securely. The satchel bags come with a long strap that makes it comfortable to hold the bag on the shoulder. Satchel bags are not very big, they can be between mid to small sizes, and have a flat bottom. The leather satchel bags are thinner and have soft leather that makes it easy to carry on the shoulder and adjust to the shape of the body.

What makes handmade jute satchel bags so popular?

Jute is the second most vegetable fibre that is used in many ways after cotton. It is used to make bags, snacks and coarse clothes. It is also woven into curtains, chair coverings,carpets,and mats, backing for linoleum and for hessian cloth.

The handmade jute satchel bags are eco-friendly and durable. But it is their designs and uniqueness that has led the recent interest in them. Unlike other bags, the jute satchel bags appear more closely related to the personal style and they help in making a style statement. And they come in so many colours and styles that one can have them with any dress or clothes for any occasion.

The handmade jute satchel bags are made of premium jute, and are durable enough to carry office files and papers as well. These handmade bags always have unique designs and patterns which are not found in other bags, as these are created by hands, giving each bags a distinct image.

Jute satchel bags can be used as business and brand awareness products

The handmade jute satchel bags can be the effective tool to promote business awareness about a company or its products and services. The promoters can customized the bags with the logo and design of the company on the bags. The customized bags then can be distributed among old and new customers. The business associates and vendors and others associated with the company in any way can be the receipting of such bags.

The jute folder bags, unlike jute handmade bags for shopping come in corporate style bags shapes. These are like small briefcases and come in various sizes. These are used both by gents and ladies. The bags have handles which make it easy to carry the bag just like a brief case. But the size of these bags is just enough for office papers and documents.

The handmade jute folder bags are light, are easy to close and open and have two sections for papers and documents. Some very small jute handmade bags are being used for tiffin boxes by almost every office goer. These bags come in small sizes to carry lunch boxes and bottles.

Some of the special characteristics of the jute satchel bags are;-

Being eco-friendly,

Bio degradable,

Fine finish,

Longer life,

Mesmerizing designs,

Spacious, and

Unique designs and patterns, which makes two jute bags of the same size different

The folder of the jute satchel bags covers the more than half of the bags, which makes it highly safe and secure bag for paper stationery items and books. The height of the bags is enough to comfortably carry any file or book in it.

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