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Traditional To Modern Style Jewelry

The beauty of fashion is, there are no rules to follow. And this gives it, a freedom to experiment and create. It brings two very different traditions together and merges them into one.


Boasting of the fusion are these jewelry pieces

  1. Bringing back the age old art of Pachhikari, the artisans have created these neck pieces fusing together the traditional jewelries of India and the on trend boho chic look.


  1. Thread and metals have been around for ages in the tribal jewelries of India. The new contemporary designs just make it perfect. Crafted by an NGO based in Orissa and working for the development and promotion of authentic Dokra Jewelries. These pieces are the Tribal Tinge.                                                                


Traditional methods and modern styles when put together, gives a unique piece which cannot be matched by anything else. 

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