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The Single Biggest Collection Of Traditional Sarees Is On Mileandmile

The biggest single collection of all famous silk series in India is at display at the online site of the mileandmile. The company has sourced the silk sarees from the traditional centre of the country. The sarees are collected by the experts after carefully laid selection criteria. Thesarees have to be made by hand or by the hand operated loom. The experts also ensure that the sarees are made by the artists who are famous in the country for their craftsmanship.

The bandhani silk sarees are the sought after gift for ladies as a birthday gift or for wearing at festivals. Thebandhani silk saree comes with embroidery work at the borders. The embroidery work is completed by the use of golden or silver thread. The embroidery work is often done in the golden thread. The blouse is also completed with the embroidery work by the same golden thread, which is used at the borders of the saree. Thebandhani silk saree is the ultimate dress for the celebrations,weddings, or for family functions. Thebandhani silk saree is the favoured by ladies in the urban centres for night parties and wedding planned at night. It is also a perfect wear for reception parties after weddings. Thesaree enhances the feminine beauty with grace, elegance and gives a touch of sensuousness of the Indianlady.

The bandhani sarees were popular in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, but now the online publicity and awareness of the traditional craft has made them popular among urban ladies also. Thebandhani silk sarees are becoming popular among professionals ladies, who want to keep in touch with the traditional dress forms of the country through use of bandhanisarees. Eventoday, the bandhanisarees are made in the same way which was used hundreds, in fact, thousands of years ago. Generally, the entire family of the workers are working along with them to create a single bandhani silk saree. The silk sarees are bit expensive than cotton sarees or cotton silk sarees. The online site ensures that direct sourcing helps the customers to get the best pure bandana silk sarees at the best prices, which are not available in the local market.

The hand woven chanderi series come in three fabrics that is pure silk, cotton and the combination of silk and cotton. It is decorated with the prints of geometric design, floral arts which is available in the environment where the artists live. Thechanderi is also a purely handcrafted saree .it originates from the central Indian state of MadhyaPradesh. The history of the chanderi saree emerged between 2nd and 7th century in the chanderi region that is situated between two culture zones of the states, that malware and bundelkhand. Thechanderisarees are famous for their luxurious feel, sheer texture, and lightweight. Thechanderi fabric is produced by weaving in silk. The design of the sarees reveal the environment of the region in which the sarees are produced. The floral design is predominate in these sarees. The online site sources the products directly from the local weavers. The direct sourcing not only reduces the price of the saree, but is also guarantees that the sarees will be of the finest quality , as the chances of any mixing of lesser quality products is totally eliminated . The cost benefit is then passed on to the customers in form of the reduced price for sarees. The online site of the mileandmile is the only site that has lowered rates for all types of traditional sarees.

To increase the sale of the traditional sarees in all-weather condition in the country. The cotton is often mixed with the silk to create the silk cotton sarees. The use of cotton in the pure silk sarees not only increase the comfort of wearing pure silk saree, but it also reduces the ultimate cost to the customer. The bandhani silk cotton sarees are very comfortable in all seasons, and demand continue to remain high even during the summer months. Thecotton silk sarees are used in the parties,weddings, receptions and family gathering. The combination of both silk and cotton produce their best features in the silk cotton sarees. The comfort and smoothness comes from the cotton and silk ensures lustre and grace associated with it for centuries.

The biggest advantage of buying from the online site is that the site ensures that all products are authentic, made from the traditional means and are sold at the best price, which retailers cannot match. The benefit is that customers can see variety of the sarees from the hubs of the country, which are associated with the traditional saree making art. The third is that one does not have to worry about the quality of the products. The stringent rules of the online site are enough to ensure that each product that is on the display at the online site of the company is authentic.

As far as protection of personal data and identity of the customer is concerned, the company is adhering to the latest data protection rules of the EuropeanUnion. The EEU customers have full access the personal data, they can retrieve the data and delete it any time. TheIndia customers are also protected by the rules and regulations mentioned in the information technology act. The data and any personal identity given to the online site for ordering the sarees is not shared with any third party under any circumstances.The payment system is secure and safe and one can cancel the order. The company does not charge anything in case the order is cancelled, before the delivery of the product / products from the company.The order is fulfilled within the three working days and client can take the products packed in international quality packaging The return policy of the company is also available for customers, and they can read the return policy, in case like to return the ordered products.

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