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The Purest Form Of The Bandhni Sarees Are On Display At The Online Site

Bandhani or bandhej is an old Indian textile form of the India that is hand produced to give a different designs and patterns of the fabric.The entire process, from tying to dying to colouring and designing is completed by hands without involvement of any modern designing techniques. Often the families of the artists are involved in the creation. The company mileandmile sources the bandhani sarees from the weavers or artists who are into the products for decades. These families still use the methods which were used in the ancient period in the India. The bandhani dress material, along with sarees are becoming latest craze of the urban ladies. The use of the bandhani saree helps them to show their appreciation and love for the traditional art and craft of the country. The reason why the bandhni or bandhej has not become the major industry is that, the traditional weavers or families working to produce the best bandhani sarees do not want to use the modern means of production. The use of modern production methods will ruin the traditional charm that is associated with the bandhani saree or dress material. Although the bandhani is a major textile industry in the country, it is small in scale and remains confined to the western parts of the country.

The main reason why the bandhai process, which is time consuming and takes a lot of labour is used is to get the attractive designs and patterns on the fabric. It is said that woman in the rural areas used to give some kind of vibrancy to their modest clothes by means of the bandhani process. Today it is fashion to wear something of the bandhani traditional. Besides sarees, the bandhani textile art is used for dress material,shawls, turbans in Rajasthan and Gujarat, and in dupattas and ghagras.

The best bandhani work is done in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The online site of the company buys the bandhani sarees from these two states only. There are several districts in the states which are famous for the bandhani sariwork. The online site sells only hundred percent authentic sarees in stunning colours, attractive designs and extremely fine silk. The fine silk sarees in the bandhani fabric are sourced from the workers who are in the creation and production of the bandhani saree since decades. These workers are famous throughout the world for their traditional approach to the creation for the bandhani saree. The company has a business policy that only those sarees that are produced by the traditional means or are made by hand will be sold from the online site.

There are various reason for bandhani sari to be the most sought after by ladies for festival seasons and weddings. The first is that the bandhai is associated with weddings,festivals, and special occasions. The bandhani saree is considered an auspicious symbol of weddings, fertility and is always associated with the sacred ceremonies. The last but not the least is that bandhani sarees comes in vibrant colors which suit the ladies belonging to all age groups.

The use of pure bandhani saree in silk is the done only for the weddings,receptions, and such big and important functions. The pure silk bandhani saree with embroidery is the ultimate luxury for any lady as far as the sarees are concerned. The embroidery work is always in the gold or silver, on the borders of the sarees. The bandhani saree with the same colour blouse with or without embroidery is also available on the online site of the company. The embroidery work is a stitch on the design embossed on the borders of the sarees by the artists. Again the embroidery work is completed by hands that is why single saree takes few weeks to complete and ready for the customers. The embroidery work can be in any design or pattern, depending on the region of the embroidery work. Every region of the two states famous for the bandhani dress materials has own distinctive bandhani style. The bandhani fabric itself is free from any design or ornamentations. Thedesign, embroidery work and other embellishment is done after creation of the bandhani fabric. It is easy to create the designs on the bandhani fabric later on. The bandhai art has become the beautiful canvas for the creation of gorgeous silk bandhani sarees and dress material. The pure silk bandhani saree is bit expensive, that is why the cotton is added in some silk sarees to reduce the price and help the customer to buy the bandhani silk sarees in various attractive colours and designs. The vast collection on the online site guarantees that every choice is available on the cheap prices.

These days there are many retailers in the market, which sell bandhani sarees made by the modern means and mass produced. It is not easy for the common customer to distinguish between a bandhai saree made by a traditional worker or by a modern machine. But the online site of the company gives this guarantee that only the authentic bandhani saree is available. The customers can blindly buy the saree with the assurance that each piece is already passed by the experts and there is not further doubt on its quality. The best price and best quality is guarantee from the online site on each saree from the bandhani tradition.

The facilities of the online site help customer to see the best bandhani saree available in India in silk or in other fabrics, select the one or more than one and pay the price through secure online payment gateway. The company ensures that order is completed with few days as per the company policy. The cancellation option is also given to the customers. The company also guarantees that all personal data is protection under the rules and regulations prescribed by the government of the Indian and the European Union. 

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