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The Best Traditional Sarees At The Best Prices Are Available Online

The online platform of the mileandmile has been providing the best traditional sarees to the clients at the best prices. These sarees are selected by the experts of the company who source the sarees directly from the artists who are engaged in the making of the sarees in different parts of the country,India.

The bandhej saree is another name of the bandhani saree, which is tradition of western states of the country, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Some of the best bandhani or bandhej sarees are made by the artists of these various regions of these two states. The bandhej allows the creators to create a cloth with different variations of the same colour in different shades. The colours used in the bandhej are usually very bright and attractive. The bandhej sarees are considered auspicious in the states. Now the ladies from the big metro cities are also using the bandhej saree to flaunt their touch with the traditions of the country. The best thing about the bandhej sarees is that these can be used in both formal and informal occasions in every type of celebrations.

The cotton sarees are always in demand in the country, as they are comfortable to wear and smooth in appearance. The mix of silk with the cotton in the bandhej makes them even more attractive to the ladies in big metros. The cotton sarees are normally the favourite of the ladies during summer months. These are used in offices,homes, festivals and in parties. But when the silk is also mixed with the cotton sarees, it becomes double attractive, due to the grace, elegance and shine that it provides during night parties and celebrations at night. The bandhni sarees are created in every fabric from cotton to silk to chiffon and georgette. The choice is so wide that, every lady will find something that is in line with her style and personality. The colour variations and designs are also wide which give option to select the best colour combination that suits the skin colour of the user.

Besides bandhej sarees, the chanderi sarees are another traditional sarees styles that is created by the artists without use of any modern tool. The entire process is done or completed with the use of the traditional methods, some of which may be as old as the Indiancivilization. The best thing about the online platform is that it directly goes to the traditional artists to take the best sarees and bring the on the online platform for the customers around the world. The elimination of middleman reduces the cost of the sarees, which is passed on to the customers in the form of lower prices for all products. The use of the chancery sarees is generally for special occasion, like festivals, family celebrations,weddings, and religious festivals. The chanderi sarees are the favoirte of ladies who like traditional wear during weddings and festive seasons.

The embroidery works on the borders of the sarees is done by the artists, who are specially used for the embroidery work. The embroidery work is completed with the gold or silver colourthread. In some traditional saree making process, the thread of the same saree is used in the embroidery work. Butgenerally, the embroidery work is done with the golden thread. It is done at the borders. The embroidery work is created on the design, which is printed with the help of the wooden block. The lower side of the wooden block has designs and patterns of varied forms and figures. This side in submerged in colours and then the side is embossed on the sarees borders. The golden thread is then stitched on these designs carefully. The work is very intricate, and involves long hours by the single artists. Since two artists have different style and can create different designs, the work is completed by the single artist. That is why the embroidery sarees take long time to finish and are generally costly.

The great saree creation tradition is the uppada sarees. The uppada series are named after the village in the east Godavari district of the AndhraPradesh, in the south of the country. These artists used the single hand operated loom to create the uppada saree. The sarees are made in silk and are smooth and easy to wear. The uppada saree are also used for special occasions and festivities in the family. The lady is considered incomplete in certain places in the south of the country, during the special occasions without the uppada sarees.


These sarees are created in the different parts of the India in the remote areas. It is not possible for a lady from the urban centres to go the remote areas of the country and buy the traditional sarees . the online platform helps the ladies and customers interested in traditional sarees of the country, to buy the best products at the affordable prices. Every piece of the collection is authentic, designed and made by the traditional methods. The company takes this responsibility that every piece has to be authentic for display at the online site of the company. The customers can see the products and order the preferred ones through the online site. The secure and safe payment options are provided to the clients for payment of the ordered products. The delivery is completed within the 3 working days from the date of the order of the product or products. The packaging is done in such a way that product reaches safe and secure to the client without any issues normally associated with long delivery. The company takes the services of the best courier companies for delivery of products.


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