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Rajasthani Bandhej Saree Carry The Distinct Designs And Patterns Of The State

Bandhani or bandhej is a highly skilled process tying and dying method, which is completed only by hands. In the process, the fabric is first tied at several points by pick up the fabric by fingertips and making knots by threads. The entire fabric is then dyed. The manner in which is tying is done and undone, gives rise to unique color combinations, various shades and patterns. The resultant fabric will be in leheriya, mothra, or in dots in various combination and configurations .The pattern which are used in the rajasthani bandhej saree are dots, strips, squares and waves.

The Rajasthan has its own style of the bandhani which is unique to its regions and variation occurs from district to district in design and pattern. The significance also changes with the colors as some colors are given certain significance in each district. The red bandhej saree is generally worn by the newly married lady. Similarly, the yellow is for a new mother. These are some typical examples. The special attention is also given to the wave pattern or leheriya bandhej sareees. The wave pattern is created on the plain colored fabrics but it is also done on the silk and cotton fabrics.

Red, green, blue, yellow or black are some of the colors that are used in the bandhani style decoration on the sarees. The background may be red or black of the fabrics.

Variation patterns in the bandhani work in India:-

The bandhani style of decoration of textile is used in other states of the India also such as Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and in south Indian states. But the motifs and patterns used in the Rajasthan are much sought after and clients are willing to pay the higher prices for the finer bandhani work from the state of Rajasthan.

The finest bandhani work comes from the districts of Bikaner and sikar. The jaipur belt also produces the finest bandhani work in the state. Some cities in the state have their own bandhni centers .block printing, in which a block is dipped in the color and pressed on the fabric to get the desired design or pattern is also part of the bandhani work in the state of the Rajasthan. Bagru and leheriay are other bandhani work style of the Rajasthan.

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