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Rajasthani Bandhani Sarees Reflect The Distinct Bandhani Style Of The State

The Rajasthani bandhani sarees are in great demand in all parts of the country and even aboard. These sarees are for all age group ladies and make them look great and vibrant in any season. These bandhej or bandhani sareees come in various fabrics and color combinations and are worn for both formal and causal occasions.

The rajathani bandhej saree are available in countless color combinations and shades that every lady has a personal favorite color scheme and pattern in the sareees. The company selling the Rajasthani bandhani sarees through online platform ensures that all products are sourced directly from the traditional artists who are working on the creation and decoration methods on the different fabrics.

Rajasthani bandhani sareees represent the rich textile tradition of India

Bandhani is basically a coloring method which is done by tying and dying method. The fabric is picked up by the finer nails by the ladies and tied with a thread, this pattern is repeated on the entire length of the fabric and then the fabric is dyed. The colors used are also made in the traditional method by mixing two or more plant root or leaves. The tying and dying method gives various combinations, shades and patterns which not only are attractive but unparalleled in the world.

Some typical rajasthani bandhani sarees are:-

  • Georgettes bandhani saree of fire color with red dots,
  • Purple printed georgette saree with blue blouse, with alternative design in certain part of the saree
  • The bright Orange chiffon saree with contrast black blouse and contrast dark shade
  • Red printed georgette saree with blue or same color blouse
  • Multicolor chiffon sareees in authentic bandhai style

In fact the combinations can be so varied that each lady and girl has its own favorite which will be as unique as the personality of the lady or the occasion for which the saree is selected.

Within the various districts of the state of the rajasthan the bandhai style has some variations with designs and pattern. The bandhani work is created on chiffon, cotton silk, georgette fabrics. The blouse can be same or in contrast to the color of the saree. The sophisticated embroidery is also created on the borders on the bandhai sarees to enhance their appeal. 

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