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Online Site Of The Mileandmiles Offers The Authentic Bandhani Silk And Chanderi Sarees

Bandhani sarees are the traditional part of the Indian textile design and craft. The mention of this art has been found in the ancient Indian literature and art. The traditional is still in existence in several parts of the western Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.  The same traditional ways and methods are still used by the traditional artists to produce the finest bandhani sarees in various colors and traditions.

The online site of the mileandmile is engaged in the efforts to promote the traditional saree styles and patterns of the country through online site. The company has been successfully able to bring the best sarees handcrafted, from the different part of the country to the customers at the affordable prices.

The company is in direct touch with the artists of the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan to get the best authentic, handmade bandhani sarees for the customers at the cheap prices. The sarees are selected in various colors, designs, patterns and shades to cater to every customer’s preferences and demands. The finest bandhani sarees from the Kutch region of the Gujarat are available on the online site of the company at the lowest prices.

Bandhani Process

Bandhani is name of the special types of dress design and coloring of the textiles. It involves tying and dying the cloth by tying knots at the regular distances throughout the length and breadth of the cloth. The cloth is picked by the fingers and knots are formed, which are then tied and dipped into the colors. The colors are made from natural ingredients and those ingredients are made from either plant roots or leaves. After dipping in the colors, the cloth is taken out and knots are slowly untied to give various colors shades to the cloth. This is called bandhani and cloth gets the puffing texture after the process. The process is used for dress material, sarees, turbans, etc.

The interesting thing about the bandhani process is that every region of the two states, Gujarat and rajasthan, have their own variations in the design and pattern of the bandhani cloth.  The bandhani process is also known as bandhej, in some part. There is no difference between the two arts.

The bandhani dress material is very popular in various parts of the country. The sarees are colorful, attractive and come in various shades of the same colors. The design of the sarees involves the use of dots in various shapes and patterns. Besides, two western states, the bandhani sarees are also popular in Punjab, north Indian and in south Indian states.

Bandhani sarees are available in various raw materials, such as cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, etc. the silk bandhanisaree is much sought after for weddings, festivals, and special occasion. The bandhani silk saree is not only beautiful, but also provides grace and elegance to the user. Since India is a tropical country, and weather in most parts of the country is hot, the cotton silk saree is preferred over other types of sarees.  The cotton provides comfort and silk adds the necessary grace and elegance to the lady.

The ladies, both professional and housewives prefer cotton silk sarees for both formal and semi formal occasions, as it is both beautiful and elegant, and comfortable at the same time.

Besides bandhai sarees the online platform of the company also offers the chanderi sarees to the customers. The chanderi sarees come in three different fabrics, pure silk, cotton silk and cotton. Each saree has unique prints of geometric designs, traditional floral art and coins.

Why Online Buying Is The Best Buying For Traditional Sarees?

It is not possible to go to the different parts of the country to buy the traditional sarees. It is simply not possible for a young professional lady working in big cities to take a weekend and visit the different places scattered in different parts of the country for buying authentic sarees at the affordable rates. The online site takes this responsibility that all traditional sarees on the display are authentic and offered at the best prices.

The chanderi sarees in various colors and designs are available at the prices which are not found at other online sites. The customers can see at the display the various sarees in the comfort of their homes or during commuting to the office on smart phones. They can order the choice of saree, they like and same will be available to them within the three working days.  The payment options are secure and safe and one can share all details without any hesitation, as the company complies with all the date protection rules and regulations.

Secure Protection Of Data For Every Client

The company providing the online sale of traditional sarees at the cheap rates also adheres to the Europeans rules and regulations regarding the personal data uses and protection. so , there is not only the advantage in getting the best sarees at the best prices, but also the added benefit of taking a look at the best traditional sarees in the county at the one platform without spending even a penny .

The sarees are dispatched in the quality packaging to prevent any ingress of dust, dirt or moisture during the delivery process. The special packaging also ensures that the bandhani saree is delivered without any damaged to the knots of the bandhani saree, which is the specialty of the bandhani saree. The customer also reserves the right to cancel the order, due to any reason. The product is delivered through the companies that are in the business of delivering the products to clients in any part of the world without any disruption in the services.

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