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Online Platform Is The Best Place For Buying The Authentic Bandhani Dress Material

Normally it is not possible for an individual to distinguish between an authentic bandana dress and commercially made bandhani dress material. The difference becomes difficult as the commercially bandhani dress material is mass produced by the machines for the customers. But for discern customers the authentic bandhani dress material is the only bandhani dress that is worth buying. And the only place to buy the authentic, traditionally made bandhani dress material is online platform of the mileandmile. This is the place that proclaims that only hand -made dress material and suits , and sarees are considered fit for displaying on the online platform .

In its efforts to give only the best and genuine bandhani dress material and suit material to the customers, the company has established direct contact with the workers and artists who are working in the field for generations. The buying is done from the hubs of the bandhani dress material in India. There are various variations in the bandhani dress material in several parts of the country. But the best and traditional bandhani dress material is found in two western states Rajasthan and Gujarat. There are several districts and areas that are considered the hub of the bandhani dress material in the country. The online platform of the mileandmile buys directly from them. The experts make sure that all products bought for the customers all over the world are made by hand only and only the traditional methods are used. The famous belts of the states are the procurement area for the company. The direct buying from the hubs, besides giving the authentic products also gives price advantage, in form of low prices. This price advantage is passed on to the customer in form of cheap and affordable prices of the all bandhani dress material.

The bandhani dress material has certain features which makes it different from other dress materials. The dress has vibrant colours, attractive designs and variation in shades of the same colours. It is the vibrancy in the bandhani dress material that attracts the ladies from all age groups its customer. The dress materials are available in various colours, designs and patterns. Both stitched and non -stitched dress material is available online at the unmatched prices. The dress material comes with the dupattas in the same colours or in contrast colours. The dupattas are often in the wave’s pattern that is speciality of the Rajasthan. The wave like pattern is given by creating waves like features on the fabric. The wave design is called lehairya in the local language, meaning wave like design. The wave design is primarily done on turbans, dupattas and shawls. The dress material contains both suit and salwar and dupattas. The suits may have embroidery done on their borders in the golden thread. The collection is so vast in the bandhani dress material, that every girl or a lady has favourite colours and design ready for her. Every skin colour, every complexion and personality will find something to buy from the bandhani dress material collection. Though main colors used in the bandhani dress material are red,yellow,blue, black and green, but variation are unlimited these days and one can find pink, purple and other such colors. Since the colouring is done by hands, it gives the flexibility to have some of the best colour combination in the bandhni dress material. The special feature of the bandhni dress material is that it is available in natural colours. And even these natural colours are produced by the natural ingredients. The plant roots or dry leaves or some herbs are used in the creation of natural colours.

The online site has been trying to ensure that the best in the textile tradition of Indian is available in to clients in the country and abroad at the affordable prices. It is not just profit, because the online site is selling the products at the cost that is just the right price of the products without any profit in it. The intention of the company is to take the products to the customers of the world, who might have heard of the products, but never had a chance to use the products   , because of high cost. The traditional textile dress making art is one of the best art forms of the country, and even in the country, people were unaware of the traditional dress materials. The exorbitant cost was the prime reason why people prefer the commercially made dress materials resembling the bandhani dress materials. But the online platform of the company has changed the landscape now. The more and more urban ladies are buying the authentic bandhani dress material online, as the knowledge and aware about the traditional textile art of the country has increased. The online platform has been striving to bridge the gap between the common customers and the traditional products of the country. The gap has been successfully bridged due the low cost with which anyone can buy the best and authentic bandhani dress material. Thecustomers understand the quality criteria behind the selection of the bandhni dress material for the online sale. The best and handmade dress material is bought for the online material

Another factor which has increased the awareness about the traditional textile art of the country is the availability of the cheap online connections with high speed data at the cheap rates. This coupled with the use of smartphones has increased the clientele base for traditional products, as more and more ladies can search the products during commuting on their smartphones. The complete protection is given to the personal data and information that is given for payment of the order. The online platform is compliant to the data protection rules and regulations of the India. The online site also assures the customers from EEU countries that they retain the access to data shared with the site and can even delete the data they provided to the site.

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