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Human & Art

Arts and Crafts of a country are its identity.

Arts and Crafts which make us different from machines.

Over the time from the stone age till now, human evolved and so the ART and CRAFT.

In the stone age, human crafted using Stones, then through various metals and wood. This is how the culture of the country also evolved.

Can culture survive without Art and Craft!

Crafts are even adopted from one country to the other country. Blue Pottery which was originated in Persia, came to India hundreds of years ago. This also acted as a bridge between two countries or its culture.

As Indian Civilisation is one of the oldest civilisation, it has more traces of Arts and Crafts in its culture. This might be the biggest reason that Indian Handicrafts has so many varieties. This also might be because of the vast diversity inclusion India has seen in last thousand years of history.

As machine age might be round the corner, it’s our Arts which will be a differentiating factor between human and machine. So even though machine penetration is increasing in the world, we must save human culture by saving its Arts and Crafts. is such an initiative to promote Arts and Handicrafts, not just of India but of the entire world.

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2016-07-26 19:39:55
Thanks Manju for your appreciation. Mileandmile is dedicated to promote Art and Handicrafts across the globe.


2016-07-26 16:18:13
Although I haven't bought any products so far from mileandmile while I'm excited to, I'm intrigued by the variety of products mileandmile offers to its customers. I'm feeling proud that mileandmile lives upto its founding values to spread the artistic excellence of India.