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Handcrafted Pure Silk And Silk Cotton Bandhni And Uppada Sarees At Cheap Prices

Traditional sarees are the finest example of the rich cultural heritage that Indiahad. The textile designing had its mention in the ancient literature. It was one of the lucrative industries of the world at the zenith of Indian trade with the western countries. The textile designing is still kept alive in the country by the artists and people associated with the industry in the traditional hubs of the country. These traditional hubs are spread in several states of the country from western to central to the southern part of the country.

The bandhani sarees are one of the colourful and vibrant form of the textile tradition of the country. This textile designing is at its best in the Rajasthan and Gujarat states of the country. The several districts of these two states have their own distinctive patterns and styles within the bandhani style. The online site of the company mileandmile has been striving to bring the best traditional sarees of the country to the world wide audience through online route. The company has successfully connected the urban ladies to the traditional textiles of the country.

The bandhani sarees are created to provide the vibrant colours in different shades to the ladies of the desert who, otherwise have little colours in their surroundings. The bandhani fabric is a special fabrics, which has knots at the different places. These knots are called bandan in the local language and hence the word bandhani. different fabrics such as silk , cotton  , combination of silk and cotton , ,chiffon , georgette , etc. the fabric has to take the stress of going through the bandana creation process , which is a bit complicated , as it involves making knots of the fabric and then submerging the fabric into liquid colours . The sarees were associated with the traditional rituals of the people, and still are part of the ceremonies,weddings, birth of baby and family celebrations. The cotton silk sarees are famous in all parts of the country, as these can be used in every season and in all weather conditions. The use of cotton becomes necessary to help the wear in hot summer months, even in air conditioned halls and banquets. the pure silk saree can be a bit expensive for a common buyer , that is why with the addition of cotton , not only the cost of the pure silk saree is brought down , it is also become easy to wear the cotton silk saree in Indian weather condition .

Another famous traditional saree from the central India is the chanderi saree. It is created in the region touching malwa and bundhelkhand in the Madhya Pradesh. The tradition of these saree goes back more than 7 centuries. It reached its zenith under the great Mughals, along with several other form of art and craft. These sarees are made from pure silk, cotton and silk cotton. Unlike bandhani sarees, where the combination of various dots created the designs and patterns, the chanderi use motifs, figures of flora and fauna to create designs. And also unlike bandhani, the finest gold or silver embroidery work is created on the saries .The embroidery works is created by the artists, who are known for their work in the country. The single chanderi saree takes considerable time in completion, as the entire work is completed by hands, without use of any modern tool. The handlooms are used to weave the saree. The embroidery work is done by weaving the golden or silver thread into the fabric. The intricate designs are created through the thread weaving technique. The chanderi sarees are used in both special occasions, such as wedding,parties, or family celebrations. They are part of the every wardrobe, where the sarees are preferred over other dress materials. Everydesigns, every colour and every opulent embroidery work, that is created by the traditional artists, are available on the online site of the company at the affordable prices.

In the south, the uppada sarees are the famous sarees design of the uppada village in the east Godavari district of the in Andhra Pradesh. Like other traditional sarees of the country, these sarees are also produced by the handlooms, without use of any modern means. The uppada are pure silk sarees, but are light to wear. The best sarees in various exquisite colours and designs are on the site of the company at the best prices. Each uppada sarees is hand created and takes at least half a month to produce a single piece of saree. The pure silk and fine lac are used to create a single uppada saree. Like other traditional sarees, the uppada saree is also used for special occasions and weddings. One of the speciality of the uppada saree is that it is designed on the both sides of the fabric.

The pure silk sarees are expensive from the local markets, so online site is the only place to get the purest silk saree at the affordable costs. Thetraditional Banaras silk sarees, one of the famous saree names of the country, are also put for sale on the online site for customers. The cheap cotton sarees for daily use is one of the most preferred sarees for working ladies and professional ladies who prefersarees. The selection of the best sarees at the cheap price involves a lot of time in the local markets. But the visit to the online site during commuting to work ensures that great products are available at the prices which is irresistible and attractive. Each piece is already selected and tested by the experts of the online site, so a buyer just has to pick up the favourite colour and order the product without worrying about its other aspects. The online site adheres to all safety regulation for data protection. One can cancel the order any time after placing the order.

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