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Changing Colours Of Modern Bridal Dress

The young India brides are experimenting with various colours for their bridal dress. While they are rooted in tradition, yet they want their own preferred colours and shades in the bridal dress. Some are customizing their bridal dress with their own favourite images, motifs and figures. They just are not interested in buying one for all dress for their weddings. From the traditional suit materials to the traditional sarees, and designers dress for weddings, the choice has increase for a bride. The online stores has further increased the easy of doing shopping, and that too on affordable

Traditionally red is the most preferred colourfor bridaldress. The other colours, like gold,blue, pink, pure white,black, and golden yellow with heavy and intricate embroidery work, are also increasingly becoming popular. Another change that is preferred by the brides, these days is the use of lenengas. Here we are discussing the other colours besides red that are finding the place of honour for wedding day. The use of lenengas will be discussed in some other article.

Red is traditional and modern and needs no introduction when it comes to the selection of a dress for anIndianbride. It remains the widely used colour for bride sarees andlenengas. Traditionally, it is associated with love,passion,war, desire and prosperity and joyous celebrations. It is also regarded as symbol of happiness, pious and auspicious. That is perhaps the reason, why this colour dominated the bride dresses in the India. Still in the semi urban areas, and interiors of the country, it remains the preferred colour of bride dress. It is considered that a bride still looks beautiful,sensuous and pretty in the red colours dress on the important day in her life. There are many shades of the red. The dress, weather salwar, kameez or saree also have an embroidery work on the borders. The pure and plain red is hardly used, it always has some design,patterns, geometric figures and motif. But the colour is always red .For a bride, the red dress also shows her committed, love and passion towards the new life that she is just going to enter.

Any bride who wants to look traditional, yet trendy, should go for the red colours dress with complementary jewellery.

Net to the popularity is the gold colour. It is seen the many ladies from the bride or groom family preferred to wear dress in the golden colour with the gold jewellery. The gold colour also has a rich associations. It is colour of riches, grandeur and opulence. It also denotes glamour, glitter and doing things at grand level. Those who do not want to use the same widely used red colour, prefer the gold colourdress. The gold colours let a bride look different from others in wedding function, yet it is firmly in the roots of the Indian culture. Brides these days, have options of wearing lenegas, with heavy embroidery in the golden thread, and golden net dupatta. The combination looks stunning and gracious.

For brides who want to look comfortable in their own skin and want to be who they are, can go for ivory white in different shades. The creamycolour dress with heavy embroidery in silver thread can be a stunning for a bride, who has the courage to create own fashion statement. The ivory colours dress with green colour jewellery sets give a royal look to the bride. The appeal of the ivory colours is in its interplay of softness and richness. It is soft, pure and calm. The ivory colour saree can be graces, attractive and unique. The brides also have the option of going for ivory colour lenenga with platinum top. The green colour traditional jewellery with a pendant with just a kind of fashion statement, which many would be brides would like to follow. The online site of the mileandmile has some beautiful and stunning traditional jewellery sets with pendants.

The black colour is hardly a preferred choice of anIndian bride.  But black dress, it can be a lenenga or a saree with golden color embroidery, can make a bride look simmering, sultry and sexy on her day. The black dress also adds the powerful, mysterious and elegant look. But black has to be with golden heavy embroidery and glittering jewellery. The fashion designers, many of them young ladies, are creating the bridal dress in black with embroidery, and net pullu or dupatta. A lady with a fair complexion and good height can certainly turn the head of everyone present there.

Then there is the traditional   yet ultra-modern bridal dress. This is lenenga or saree with heavy embroidery on the entire fabric. The embroidery is one of the decorative textile forms of the country that still continues in the same form. The embroidery might had been the preferred decorative items for grandmother, and it is still the preferred for any bride. The embroidery work can be from the neck to toe. The embroidery work with zardozi in gold and silver can make any bride a queen on her D- day. Beforedeciding the dress for wedding, browsing the online sites showing the sarees and suitmaterials with or without embroidery, helps a lot. The bride with shortage of time, can browse during commuting to the work. The combination of quality and affordability will help working ladies to get some of the finest pieces of bridal dress. The experts of the mileandmile have already selected the best sarees from the traditional hubs of the country famous for their saree production through traditional methods. The jewellery section of the site has jewellery sets made by the artists with the use of precious gems and stones. Instead of spending time in the markets, where one has to judge the quality of the items on several parameters, the online site already has the finest creations by the famed artists of the country in dress materials and jewellery.The product or products ordered from the online site are dispatched next day and reach the client within next two days.

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