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Celebrate The Festive Season With Traditional Touch Of Famed Traditional Sarees

The Rajasthan bandhani saree is the integral part of the textile tradition of the country. The saree is made from the bandhani fabric, which itself goes through a tying and dyeingprocess.The bandhani sarees are available in varied colours,shades, designs and patterns. The bandhani saree are in sharp contrast to the desert land of the state. The main design pattern of the bandhani sarees is dots in various shapes and sizes. These dots are created into various sizes and circular patterns by the intricate process of tying and dyeing.

Besides giving vibrancy to the dress material, the bandhani saree are part of the festivals and celebrations in the state. These are considered an inseparable part of the woman during festival season. The wearing of the bandhani saree is a sacred and auspicious act. Wearing it symbolizes festivity and joy on the part of the wearer. The best thing about the bandhani saree is that it is for every woman. The sheer variety of Rajasthan bandhani sarees ensure that every lady has a favourite design and colour and even a shade. And the online sale further takes the Rajasthan bandhani saree to the working ladies, college girls and professional ladies at the affordable prices. The interesting thing is that ladies can add borders, embroidery or other such embellishment to the bandhani sarees, since the bandhani fabric is free of any ostentations.

The Rajasthan bandhani sarees are available in cotton silk, pure silk,chiffon,georgette, etc. the only consideration during the selection of the bandhani fabric, is that the fabric has to have some resilient, as it goes through tying and multiple dyeingprocess. Every possible Rajasthan bandhani saree design, colours, combination of colours with or without embroidery is available in online at the best prices.

The silk saree provide unmatched richness, grace and sensuousness that cannot be produced by wearing any other dress material. Smooth and lustrous texture of the silk saree creates its own magic for the wearer. Since pure silk saree are costly, and wearing them in the humid conditions of the country can be bit uneasy for the lady, the cotton is added to the silk to produce the cotton silk sarees. The entire process is handcrafted and weavers work on the handloom to produce the silk and then create the silk saree. Every part of the country has a famous traditional handloom associated with it or named after it. Some examples are Banarassaree, which are produced in Banaras,kanchipuram, and potala from the patan district of Gujarat. The potala was once the dress of royalty and nobility. Even today these Gujarat sarees are much sought after. The velvet potala saree is made in Surat. The families of the artists’ work together to produce the potala sarees, the entire process is kept a secret.

A famous wedding Gujarat saree is Gharcholasaree, which is used in weddings and hardly any wedding is complete without Gharcholasaree. It originated in the kambay region of the Gujarat. TheGharchola is part of the bandhani fabric creation, and it is also made with the same tying and dyeingprocess. It was and is also created by the bandhani workers of the Gujarat state. Thedyeing process takes place in the Jamnagar, as it is believed that the water quality of the city is ideal for getting rich colours on the Gharcholasarees.

The zari work is an integral part of the every Gharcholasaree. The zari work is done on the borders and on the pallu. Besidesgold, silver threads are also used in the zari work. The golden or silver threads are woven with the cotton, silk or silk blend yarn to create the famous gridpattern. Eachbox in the Gharchola grid has a zari work. In traditional Gharchola sarees, there is no border or pallu, but the entire saree is in one colour. But these days, the pallu is attached to the saree. These pallu are in various colours and designs. It is the hand embroidery that is preferred on the Gharchola sarees.

The other two famed traditional sarees of the country are produced in the central and southern part of the India. The chanderi sarees are named after the place in the Madhya Pradesh, located on the border of malwa and bundelkhand. The traditional of the chanderi sarees continues since 13thcentury. The flora and fauna of the region is reflected on the designing of the chanderi sarees. The fabric is silk and cotton silk. And like other traditional sarees, these are also considered auspicious and are used during weddings, festivals and family celebrations by ladies of every age.

The uppada is a famed traditional saree name associated with the smooth silk light saree produced in the Andhra Pradesh state of the Indianunion. The name is actually a small village in the east Godavari district of the state in the coastal belt of the state. The geometric figures, leaves and flowers, etc., are the images which predominate the design of uppada sarees. 

People from several countries come to the country to buy these traditional saree directly from the weavers. But now the online site ensures that genuine sarees are available to the customers all over the world at the best prices. Thecustomers, even in the country do not know the exact location of the uppada in the Andhra Pradesh. But they can easily find the genuine uppada sarees online. The online site sources only the handloom sarees from the hubs and only handcrafted are selected for online sale. The safe and secure sale are completed with just simple information about the customers. The information is protected and even in Europeancountries, the customers can delete the information they shared with the online site for purchase. The ordered are completed within 3 days and customers are also given the option of cancelling order. One can see the privacy policy of the online site for further information.

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