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Bandhej Silk Sarees Are The Most Preferred Sari For Evening Parties And Night Functions

Bandhej or bandhani are the names given to the decorative art of textile by the artists by hands. The name came after the practices in which the fabric is picked up with fingernails and knots are made at the different points of the fabric. The fabric with these knots is then dyed in the colors made from natural ingredients. When the knots are undone carefully, the fabric reveals unique combination of vibrant colors and shades which are not found in normal design process.

The bandhej silk saree is considered an auspicious sari and is used on special occasions by the ladies. The silk sari with bandhej work provides style, grace and enhances the feminine at the same time. The luster of the silk with golden embroidery at the border makes silk sari with bandhej work the most preferred Indian traditional dress for parties and weddings and special evening party. The whole range of vibrant colors and shades are associated with the bandhej silk saries.

The type of bandhej art work on the silk sari makes each silk sari unique in look and appearance. the bandhej art work range from single dot to four dots to small dots with darker centers , tear drop dot, patterns and circles in cluster of three to group of four , to group of seven . Besides these patterns, the elaborate motifs, designs with leaves, flowers and trees are created. Some of the patterns and designs are repeated through the fabric length. The mountain pattern, wave’s patterns and Indian sweat patterns are the other patterns that are popular bandhej art work.

The best work in the bandhej saree is done in the states of the Gujarat and Rajasthan and entire work is completed by hands by the local artists who are skilled and experienced in the art form. The authentic work is done by these artists only in various districts of the two states. The silk sari in bandhej work is often decorated with the golden or silver thread embroidery and comes with same or different color blouse. The exquisite zari work is finished by different artists by entirely by hands. 

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