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Bandhej Sarees Help Young Ladies Make A Statement With Designs And Colors

Bandhej sarees represent the finest textile art of India. The word ‘Bandhej’ comes from the Indian language word, Bandhan which means tying of the fabric for dying purposes. When the tying and dying method is used for a fabric, it leaves a unique set of colors and design and pattern to the fabric. It is a popular handicraft   , especially, in the western part of the India. The bandhej saree always as a tradition has bright colors, which makes them so special and unique.

What makes bandhej saree so special?

The bandhej sarees are associated with the auspiciousness and vibrancy .The sarees are used for weddings special occasions and festivals.

  • All bandhej sarees are dyed in bright colors, dark colors, deep tones, that often begin with lighter tones,
  • The dying is completed in yellow in the initial stages and white and yellow appear in circular pattern,
  • Red   blue  maroon  tangerine  ,indigo  blue  deep green , turquoise blue are also the bandhej color .

The tying and dying process is completed on cotton, silk, chiffon, georgettes and other material for sarees .the bandhej sarees are special sarees in the western part of the country, as it bring vibrancy and brightness to the fabric. The bandhani and bandhej sarees are same and both are for ladies of all age group. The various in colors, shades   patterns enable ladies easily pick up a sarees or saree for match their style or favorite color.

The specialty of the bandier saree is their vibrancy and color schemes. In just one saree one finds so much color combinations and patterns that it goes with any occasion, party and season. Another best aspect of the bandhej saree is that lady of any complexion can pick up any color combination to match her style and favorite color combinations. The bandhej sarees come with same color blouse or contrast blouse which add the vibrancy of the bandhej saree. The bandhej sarees are perfect dress for any formal or informal occasion .When luster of silk gets the bandhej colors and shades , it add volumes to the feminine beauty and becomes the ideal saree for evening parties or night weddings .

The best companies engaged in the selling of the product source the product from the artists who are into the business of tying and dying of sarees in the authentic bandhni style for generations. The company with strong sourcing network in the traditional hub of the bandhej sarees in the country has some of the best bandhej blue sarees in its collections.


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