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Bandhani Suits Material Gives Vibrant Colours And Unique Patterns

The uniqueness of the bandhani suits material lies in its very method of creation. The fabric is put in the colours in such a way that is absorbs the colours in a different way than other fabrics. The bandhani is used only for its vibrant colours and design patterns. The methods involved in the colouring and creations of the bandhani fabric are responsible for giving such vibrancy to the bandhani suits materials.

The fabric is picked up by the fingers and knots are created at several places by tying picked up fabric with impermeable threads. The fabric is then dipped into the colours made from natural ingredients. The fabric has to be absorbent to take the colours completely and at the same time, the knots has to be such that they remained tied during the colouringprocess. The knots are untied after colouring slowly to create the shades of the various colours.It is the tying process that gives a couple of prints to hundreds of prints on the fabric. The bandhani prints and designs are the culture heritage of the Rajasthan and Gujarat. Though basic colours are red,yellow,green, and blue, the print can be adapted into any colour. the fabric commonly used for the bandhani suits s are cotton , silk , chiffon , georgette and combination of silk and cotton .The work on all these fabrics is done by hands to prevent any damage to the fabric and also make sure that any given print can be given to the fabric by hands. These days various other fabrics are also used for the bandhani suits .The use of dots,squares, and rings gives a lot of bandhani designs to the suits material.

Some of the finest craftsmanship of the bandhani suits material comes from the Rajasthan. The tie and colouring fabrics of the banahani are also found in the Gujarat and Kutch. The popularity of the bandhani suits material is fast spreading in the India among the ladies and young girls. It is the desired to connect with the finest textile tradition of the country and at the same time, the online platform has brought the traditional hubs in the palm of the buyers.

The online platform ensures that buyers from any part of the country and even from abroad can buy the best authentic bandhani suits material at the best price. The demand for the bandhani suits material goes up during the festival seasons and also during wedding seasons. The bandhani suits material is the sought after dress material for young girls, working ladies and professionals in all cities of the country. The fashion to get into something traditional during festival season is no longer confine to the rural areas of the country.

Styles and patterns used in the bandhani suits material

After the colouring process is over, the bandhani designs and patterns are created on the fabric by this unique colouring method. The variety of designs are created by symbols of dots,waves,strips, and use of squares. The manner in which is clothe was tied decides the patterns. These patterns can be leheriya, shikari, mothra, and ekdali. The bandhan work is done on sarees, suits, salwar, dupattas, kameez, kurta or Kurtis. The use of dots and square in a particular produces different designs, such a single knot, three knots, four knots, small dot with darker centre, teardrop shape design and mountain shape or shapes of Indian sweets, like jalabi and laddu.

The popularity of the bandhani suits material also stems from the fact that it can be worn during normal and special days alike without any major difference. The simple bandhani suits can be used by college going young girls every day. On the other hand, the bandhani suits are also worn by married ladies for family celebrations and formal occasions. The bandhani dupattas are very popular bandhani item that is used with other normal white suits by the college going girls and working alike. It is simple and yet, so fascinating and enchanting that without much fashion, one makes a fashion statement.

Over the last few years, the huge demand has emerged in the other markets outside traditional markets of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The online buying has now increased the market base and clients are finding it easy to buy the authentic bandhani suits material directly from the manufacturing hubs. The online has made it possible to buy the bandhani suits material that is being manufactured by the workers in the traditional centres of the bandhani creation.

The variety which is available on the online platform makes it the best platform to get the any bandhani dress material or suits material that a lady wants. The online site has some of the best bandhni suits in colours and shades that one could think of. The options makes it easy for the buyers to select any bandhani dress that matches the complexion, special need, or occasion need. The online site selling the bandhani suit material is user friendly where anyone without need for help can see the products and place the order easily. The payment options are secure, and safe and one can share the personal details as demanded by the site for safe delivery of products. The online site of the mileandmile is complaint and adheres to all rules and regulations promulgated by the government of India to protect the personal data of customers. One can read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the site to be sure that no details of the personal data is shared with any other third party without the consent of the customer or client.

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