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Bandhani Silk Dress Material Allows Young Ladies To Choose The Preferred Designs And Pattern In Any Color

The bandhani work is also done on the silk for creating the enchanting combination of colors and shades in vibrant colors. The bandhani is the finest example of the textile designing and decorating in the country .The very process of tying and dying in the bandhani work creates an exciting range of colors and combination with the vibrant colors.

Due to great demand the bandhani work is also created on the silk for sarees and other dress materials. The silk fabric for the bandhani work is blended with cotton or viscose to prevent the loss of texture of the silk material. The pure georgette made from the silk fibers is also used for the bandhani decorative art work.

When the bandhani art work is created on the silk fabric, the zari work is also created along with it. The zari is the embroidery that is done on the borders of the silk saree or silk duphatta .The exquisite and delicate embroidery work is done by the zari artists who are experienced and skilled in the job, as they have been doing the same job for generations.

The silk dress material is fortified with the cotton and poly fiber to give some strength to the pure silk material, as pure silk material itself lack the strength to go through the bandhani process of tying and dying. The mixing of the cotton and poly fiber makes the dress material less expensive, because the pure silk can be expensive. The poly-silk blend is known as gaji silk.  The material created through this blending process is then used for heavy embroidery work by the zari artists. The combination of the silk with the bandhani work enhances the beauty of the silk and provides grace and style to the lady.

The silk dress material is used primarily for formal occasions, evening parties, weddings and festival occasions. The best is to buy online from the reputed stores who directly source the products from the local artists of the India and check the every aspect of the bandhani work to ensure that every aspect is hand done and devoid of any artificial creation.

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