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Bandhani Sarees Give Vibrancy With A Variety Of Designs

Bandhani is one of the finest traditions of the Indian textile decorative craft. The word bandhani comes from an Indian language Hindi or Sanskrit word ‘Bandhan’ meaning tie or tying. In this method of textile decoration, the dress material is tied and dyed in the various colors which gives variation in color and shades to the dress material.

The bandhani art is as old as Indian civilization and the world famous caves paintings of the Ajanta have reference to the bandhani style of decoration of textiles.

What is bandhani decorative style used for?

Bandhani style is used to give unique design patterns, colors shades and other decorative style to the dress materials, such as ladies suites, sarees, and even turban of man .The very process of the bandhani in which the part of the dress is picked up by finger nails and tied and dyed gives a unique design pattern to dress materials and saris. The patterns that are formed in the bandhani are very fine. Besides varies colors and shades, the bandhani saree is decorated with dots, specks, motifs, and various types of art work.

The unique thing about the bandhani sarees art is that entire process from tying and dying to the preparation of various colors are done through hand and no part is completed with the use of machines. The art runs in families and often a whole family works on the various aspects of the art. The colors are prepared by mixing roots and leaves of plants without use of any artificial ingredient.

The best companies engaged in the sourcing of the bandhani saree ensure that products are completed by hand and are directly sourced from the artists of the Rajasthan and Gujarat, the two famous hubs of the bandhani sarees in Indi.

The bandhani sarees comes in silk, cotton, georgettes etc. The bandhani sarees are known for their vibrant colors, design and various color combinations. The range of bandhani saree ensures that every lady can get the favorite color and fabric material. The bandana sarees are considered very auspicious in the Indian and are used by ladies during festive seasons, functions, weddings and on formal occasions. The cotton bandhani saree is for both formal and informal occasion and silk and georgettes bandhani sari is a special choice of ladies for celebrations.

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