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Bandhani Dress Material Is Reconnecting With The Younger Generation

The bandhani dress material always had a special place in the heart of the rural woman, especially in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Now the media revolution and digital media has connected the younger generation with many traditional things. The social media platforms are taking things closer to the younger generation. Among many things that are coming back into the life of the younger generation, the traditional dress material occupy the prominent place. The various online platforms have enabled the younger generation to get knowledge about traditional dress material. They brown the online sites, check the price of the traditional dress material and order the product they like. The bandhani is one of the famed textile designs of the country. It is getting a new lease of life through the online sites. The online platform has opened up a new marketfor the bandhani dress material.

The popularity of the bandhani dress material among the younger generation is solely due to the vibrant spectrum of colours,and unique design patterns. These specialities of the bandhani dress material cannot be replicated in other dress materials, as it is the special tying and dyeing process of the bandhani that is creating such vibrancy. Since unique tying and dyeing process is only in the bandhani dress materials,the other dress materials cannot compete with the bandhani dress material.

Another reason is that bandhani dress materials are available in various colour combinations,shades, designs and in different fabrics. The kind of bandhani dress material that is available online is not even available at the single shop in the hubs of the bandhani in two states of the country. The online sites collect all possible colours, shades and combination to provide the unique shopping experience to the urban folks. And the third is that cost of the bandhani dress material online is considerably low than the retails shops, even in the hubs of the bandhani in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The online site buy bulk quantity from the traditional artists which help them to reduce the price of the bandhani dress material.

The bandhani is basically a fabric embellishment art that is as old as the civilization of the country. It is chiefly practised in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan, but the latter is the major source of the bandhani dress material online. The word bandhani is derived from the word bandhan, which means tying. It is the tying and dyeing process which creates the kind of fabric that is embellished. The major colours that are used are red,yellow,green, and dark. Eachcolour has its special significance. The fashion conscious youngster prefer the colours combinations that are available in the bandhani dress material. And online site is the only source for all possible designs and patterns that are available in the bandhani dress material.

The online site also ensures that only the genuine and authentic bandhani dress materials are bought for online sale. Thecolours of the authentic bandhani dress material are made from roots, leaves and flowers. The famous designs patterns are dots,squares, stripes and waves. These designs are given the name of the pattern which they make. The wave like designs are created by making blue wave on the fabrics. The wave design is used primarily for dupattas and turbans for man. The wave design dupattas come in various colours and shades with dress materials. The dupatta compliments the dress material. Some prefer same colourdupatta, but generally the dupatta is always in contrast to the color of the bandhani dress material.

The intricacy of the designs and patterns of the bandhani dress material are further increased, when online site buy the bandhani dress material from different artists belonging to the various tribes in the rajasthan. The tribes have their own special designs and patterns. This increasing the charm and uniqueness of the bandhani textile design which is not available in other dress materials. Some artists grow little finger nail to pick up the cloth for making knots . This is a speciality of the Rajasthan artists especially.

The online bandhani dress materials make it easy for urban ladies to see the range and variety. The views expressed by the friends and colleagues on various dress material also helps the buyers,especially girls to go and buy that particular dress material.

The online buying is safe, as it involves just browsing the site, selecting the preferred dress material and placing the order. One does not have to travel to the small districts of the Rajasthan and Gujarat to buy the particular bandhani dress material. The reputed online site have created a safe and secure payment lines. The information needed for the delivery is used only for the own use of the site and not shared with the third parties. The clients in Europe can also delete the personal data, they shared with the online site. The reputed online sites adhere to the data protection laws enacted by various countries. The clients can also cancel the orders. There are simple terms and conditions with the cancellation of orders, which are mentioned in the cancellation policies of the online site. The delivery is made in the three days in the quality packaging to prevent any damaged to the delicate bandhani dress material. The order can also be placed for dupattas with the bandhani dress material. the penetration of the mobile network and use of smart phones have made it possible to get in touch with the bandhani dress material and art made in the remote parts of the country . The most important factor that contributes to the appeal of the bandhani dress material is its charm among ladies of all age group.The use of cotton fabric for the bandhani creation makes it easy to use the dress material for any season in the country. The online site is offering special festivals deep discount on most of the bandana dress materials to clients in India andabroad.        

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