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Bandhani Dress Material Highlights The Finest Dress Decorative Style Of India

Bandhani also known as bandhej is an art work that involves the tying and dying process to create a vibrant combination of colors and shades of the same colors with varied patterns and designs. The art is ancient and most of the families who are engaged in the business of decorative work through the tying and dying process are practicing the skill since generations.

The beauty of the bandhani dress material is that it brings grace, style and vibrancy to ladies and gents both. In some part of the India  specially in the western states of the Gujarat and Rajasthan  ,bandhani is also created on the turbans for men .The entire process of tying and dying is completed through bare hands by the skilled and experienced artists . The colors are made by mixing one or two natural ingredients. No part of the textile decorative art is completed by the machines. When fabric is tied in knots and knots are dyed, it leads to various combinations of colors that is not normally possible .and this gives unique touch to the bandhani dress material.

The bandhani dress material with zari work draws inspiration from the rich and vibrant culture of the Gujarat and Rajasthan .the huge collection with varied color combinations and shades are available from the online store at the affordable prices .The reputed online stores have the direct contact with the local artists and directly sourced the product from them, which helps them to sell the product at the affordable rates to customers.

Some features of the bandhani dress material are:

  • Stunning printings and designs,
  • Varied color combination and shades with different patterns
  • Fade and shrink proof and
  • Golden and silver thread work at the border of the saris
  • The bandhani work is created on cotton, chiffon, silk, georgette and combination of cotton and other material

Each district of the Rajasthan and Gujarat has its own distinct pattern and style and these are reflected in the bandhani work. But the main colors that are used in the bandhani art work are red, blue yellow   green and black. All colors are bright and vibrant and all colors are natural which are produced through mixing of roots and natural ingredients.

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