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Bandhani Dress Material Are Full Of Vibrant Colours And Shades For Every Age Group

India is a land of culture, traditions and custom which is reflected in its cuisine, art, literature and ethnic wears. There are many ethnic wears, which are changed to remain with the time and cater to the demand of new generations. But there are other traditions, which still retain their traditional look and feel. One of these traditional ethnic dress is bandhani dress.

The whole creation of the bandhani dress material still is created through the same methods and process which is used in the ancient times also. The workers who work to create the bandhni dress still use the means same methods and techniques without any change in them. This use of the traditional means to create the bandhani dress material gives unique identity of the bandhhi dress material.The two states of the country are hub of the bandhani dress material in the country and these states are Gujarat and Rajasthan. In fact there are two states also with variation in the bandhanicreation, but the famous hubs of the bandhani dress material are in these two states. It is an endeavour of the mileandmile to take the traditional dress material of the India to the younger generation through the route that is familiar to the younger generation that is online route.

The word bandhani is based on the Hindiword,bandan, which means tie or tying.Another variation of the word is bandhej, which also is Hindi or Sanskrit word. The words explain the methods that is used to create the bandhani fabric. The technique is based used by tying and dying the fabric with the impermeable threads to create the various shades of the same colours on the fabric. It is one of the oldest textile art, not only in the India, but in the world. Once is fabric is created through the bandhani process, it is then decorated with the various designs and patterns. The basic designs of the bandhni are created through the use of dots in various formations. Each formation has a name that reveals the size or shape of the design or pattern. The dots can be in group of two,three,seven, forming hills or other such designs.

The basic idea behind the creation of the bandhani dress is to create attractive and unique design of on the fabric by dying process. The dying is done in such a way that it gives various shades to the same fabric. The making of knots of the fabric and tying that knots with the imp arable threads gives various shades of the same colour to the fabric. The art of the bandhni actually helped the people of the desert to give colors to their dress material. There is some variation in the designs and patterns in the various district of the two states. The leheriya for example, is design of the Rajasthan that creates a wave like images on the fabric. The wave like designs are used, especially on the turbans,dupattas,sarees andshawls. This is particularly popular in the Rajasthanonly. The design is basically in blue colours, to resemble the blue waves.

Besides Gujarat and Rajasthan, the Madhya Pradesh and Punjab also has own bandhani creation methods and tradition. The tying methods in these two states differ from the tying method used in the Gujarat and Rajasthan. The natural ingredients are used to create the bandhani colours. The traditional workers and artists never use synthetic dyes for colouring. They insist on the natural dyes and natural ingredients, such a plant roots and leaves are used to create the various colours that are part of the bandhni process.

One essential quality that a fabric used for the bandhani process must possess is that it has to be absorbent and must have some kind of resilience. Without resilience the fabric cannot withstand the stretching that is involved in the tying and dying process of the bandanadress. Only the absorbent fabric can absorb the colours completely without the hand dying process.

The bandhni dress material is available in various colours, shades and patterns. The suite material is available for every preference and choice on the online site of the company. The dress material come with dupattas in the same colour, or in contrast colours. The rate of the dress material is such that every customers will find all bandhani dress material affordable. Earlier only the cotton was used to create the bandhani dress material. But now to cater to the demand of the younger generation and be in tune with the current fashion preference, the silk,georgettes, silk –cotton blends, viscose and cotton variants are also used to produce the bandhani dress material for suits,salwar, sarees and turbans and pupates .

The widest variety in attractive designs in all possible colors combinations is available on the online site of the mieandmile. One can buy bandhani dress with all types of patterns that are famous in the bandhani design creation. The customers will find that the rates that are available on the online site are not available on any other site. the direct sourcing from the hubs of the bandhani dress making gives price advantage to the online site , and this advantage is passed on to the customers in form of cheap prices and affordable prices for all types of bandhani dress material . Both stitched and unstitched dress material are available on the site. The site guarantees that each piece is authentic and made with the traditional means. The order and payment methods are safe and secure and one can also order many products together at the best prices. The online adheres to the latest data protection laws and rules implemented in the country.Since its launch, the online site has been able to popularize the traditional Indian dress forms and textile art to the younger generations who are trying to establish their roots with the tradition of the country through various buying art, and ethnic dress materials.

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