About Us


There is something about the handmade products, there is a sense of belonging, a sense of human touch, like it’s crafted exclusively for someone. Each handcrafted piece is art that one can own, wear and flaunt.

And the idea behind mileandmile is it to provide a platform, where this art and customers both can come together, to create a virtual art and crafts mela. Our main aim is to bring the real artisans and artists of India at one place and let the people to shop, their wonderful mesmerizing creations at a genuine price so that it doesn’t involve any middlemen intervention.

We wanted everyone to be able to own one of the few exclusive handmade products right from the comfort of their couch. Our aim is to provide handmade products at the cheapest prices in the industry. Mileandmile platform includes artists awarded with various prestigious awards including National Awards in the field of handicrafts.  

You can confidently buy handmade products at mileandmile and be a proud owner of the designer products where each product is genuine handmade, designed especially for you.